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F# Tooling Updates for Visual Studio 2017

Play F# Tooling Updates for Visual Studio 2017
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In this episode, Phillip Carter (@_cartermp) joins us again to give us an update on the F# tooling updates in Visual Studio 2017. Because F# is cross-platform, many of the changes made are available in all F# tooling, not just that in Visual Studio.

  • [01:18] - Getting F# support in Visual Studio 2017
  • [03:23] - Diving into the editor features
  • [11:00] - Scripting and brace completion
  • [20:16] - Code navigation
  • [21:35] - Show symbols in unopened namespaces
  • [23:41] - Experimental CodeLens for F# type annotations
  • [26:41] - Providing feedback on features


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The Discussion

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    Nice to see the improvements of F# support in Visual Studio 2017

  • User profile image

    It is so great to see the F# ❤️!

    It looks like there is one Mac there, but all the footage looks like Win VS2017. Is there any possibility you could show some future episodes in VS2017 for Mac? It would be helpful to see just how many of these features carry over, since there are lots of features that don't make it into the Mac port.

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