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The Universal Windows Platform (UWP) lets you build apps for any Windows device including PCs, Xbox One, HoloLens, and more.

In this episode, Stefan Wick (@StefanWickDev) comes on the show to give us an update on what has been going on in the world of UWP.

  • [01:00] - How is UWP different from other desktop frameworks on Windows?
  • [02:28] - What other programming languages can be used with UWP?
  • [03:20] - How can WPF and Windows Forms developers move their applications to UWP?
  • [05:06] - What are Windows Application Packaging projects?
  • [09:42] - How do updates get pushed to UWP applications?
  • [11:53] - What are some of the new UMP features?
  • [13:04] - What is the Fluent design language all about?
  • [16:32] - How does the Windows Template Studio help developers get started with UWP?
  • [23:47] - How can developers get started with developing for UWP?


You can learn more about developing for the UWP using the links below: 



The Discussion

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    Too bad the interviewer didn't know about UWP.
    Asked none of the compelling questions devs want.

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    I've struggled to find a real reason to get into learning UWP. Without Windows phones it just isn't compelling to move from WPF. Especially, when you are talking about applications that require high information density.

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    @Bob: We're planning to do more coverage of UWP. Feel free to send us some concrete feedback on what you'd like to hear about.

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    @cecliphillip nice to see you on Channel 9!  Great job on the interview.  My question if for Stefan Wick.  Is there a point at which the platform will have more robust error messages?  I've been working with it since it was WinRT and it is still HRESULT based messages for the most part with little insight sometimes into what the problem is.  If the idea is to woo winforms and WPF developers toward UWP dont we need error handling that is at least close to what they get through those platforms.  How would anyone be able to parse through a message such as :

    "System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException: Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component.
    at Windows.UI.Xaml.FrameworkElement.MeasureOverride(Size availableSize)"

    in a large application with tens of thousands of lines, templates, controls, et al to figure out what the problem is?  This kind of message is presented for almost any kind of issue with no stack trace to identify where the issue is happening.  If this is going to stay like this for a while can we at least get tutorials on how to identify issues like this?  You must run into this as you continue to build the windows shell - which I hear is somewhat UWP based.  Can you share the tools you use for debugging and identifying issues such as this?

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    I agree this is not a useful error message. I am reaching out to our XAML folks to get an update on what investments we are doing to make debugging XAML issues easier and how we can share these with the community. We are planning to do a more dedicated On .NET session about XAML & Fluent in UWP, so hopefully we can address these topics there as well. Thanks for the feedback!

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    @StefanWick: Thank you Stefan, hope to hear from you guys soon.

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    Considering what happened to WinForms, WPF (at least politically), I guess the safest bet is to use Qt when it comes to desktop development, even if it is only for Windows. And C++ with Qt really feels like Java or C# with their "batteries".

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    Has there been any progress on F# support?

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    Hello of Saratov!

    Can are using MySQL in UWP?

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    @seregazolotaryow64: Yes, MySQL is available in UWP apps. You can include it in your app as a NuGet package. It is also a standard shared component in newer Win10 builds, so it won't add to the size of your Windows Store package.

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    Without Windows Mobile, UWP is no longer Universal... what was the point of years of engineering Windows OneCore... when Windows Group got to the end of the effort, "politicians" killed off Mobile platform... despite their "mobile-first" strategy, fools

    Checkout "IDOL 4s with Windows 10 Mobile"...

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