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Home automation with Hubitat and .NET Core

Play Home automation with Hubitat and .NET Core

The Discussion

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    This is really great. However, I have a question about it. As I understand it, this framework makes use of capturing the messages from a web-socket and this technique is actually not supported by the company Hubitat Elevation. Have you been in contact with the company about this in order to guarantee that this 'interface' will be available for the foreseeable future? Because this drives your solution.
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    Very impressive. I will be trying something like that.

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    There's nothing there that can't be done natively on Hubitat. So wtf is the point of the added complexity and expense aside from disliking Groovy? Indeed, the "recursive loop" crashing the system wouldn't happen with Hubitat, so it's a good example of why not to do it.

    BTW, Zigbee is not a "proprietary" protocol. It's an open international standard like tcp/ip.

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    I think Cam needs to do more learning about the native functions of the Elevation. Also,seriously, how difficult is it to remember elevation? Zigbee isn't proprietary. This setup is overly complicating the system. I realize I have been doing this type of HA for 11 years and I may know a little more then him. Those of you who may be new to HA research what can be done natively before you try something like this

    Cecil's face needs better lighting. You can barely see his facial features with his dark skin.

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