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Integrating UWP components into Win32 applications

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The Discussion

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    Nice. What I want now is 3DIslands.  I want to be able to have a 3D Space like Paint 3D to pan, zoom and view my 3D objects. Then with a click of a button enter into mixed reality.

    Microsoft should approach 3D in the same way they gave us Visual Basic.

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    Thank you, very nice video!

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    This is nice. We also would like to hear news about more features being added to UWP like Windowing control and styles, better Printing APIs, run UWP from standalone EXE, run UWP on the WebBrowser (UNO Platform).

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    Very cool feature. I've tested it out and it works well..except when coming to building the application. I've had countless errors trying to get UWP components to copy over to the WPF project (it only works 10% of the time?), and unable to package application as appx. Hopefully you guys work with Visual Studio to make this a more seemless process.

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    Very nice presentation!

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