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Intro to DocFX

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The Discussion

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    Nice intro! I'm currently in the process of exploring porting the NUnit documentation to docfx and it's been really great to work with.

    If anyone would like to follow along with that process to see a real world conversion or jump in, check out the PR: PRs to the PR are welcome. :)
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    I tried to use docfx and walk through the steps of the manual...
    Fail after fail...
    It requires third-party software Nuget Build Tools from Visual Studio 2017 to build .Net Core project. So docfx is "download and run" only for text sites (Conceptual Documentation).
    One paragraph of the manual does not correspond to the previous one (for example, where did directory 'obj' come from here??)
    Generation of pdf does not work. I have downlaoded wkhtmltopdf package via chocolatey and demo archive, but no, its not compiled.
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    Seems interesting, but I'd just prefer use of Azure DevOps wiki for all of this.

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