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Almost every software developer is using Git and has a GitHub account for either their personal or work projects. In this episode, we have Jasmine Greenaway (@paladique) joining Rich Lander (@RunFaster2000) to talk about the official GitHub extension for Visual Studio.

  • [00:56] - How long has GitHub been working on this extension? 
  • [02:11] - Functionality  included in the extensions
  • [03:26] - Editor commenting features
  • [07:12]  - Compelling reasons to use the extension versus the command line
  • [09:35] - Adding .gitignore and license files with the extension
  • [T:11:19] - Installing the extension


Download the extension today and let us know what you think. Happy Coding!



The Discussion

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    Rather than searching for the VS .gitingore file, use https://gitignore.io. This website lets you pick tags, such as visualstudio, and generate a .gitignore file you can download. This is based off the same .gitignore files in the GitHub repo you find with your search, but this is a much better way to work with it.

    While I've got a few GitHub repos, I don't do much collaborating where I'd deal with pull requests. So, all I know about this is what little was demonstrated here. But, man it looks nice. Why isn't there an equivalent for VSTS? I'd love to be able to work with pull requests on VSTS inside Visual Studio rather than using the web interface.

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    Oh, since you're command line junky anyway, you can use that gitignore.io site from PowerShell.

    invoke-restmethod https://www.gitingore.io/api/visualstudio

    Want to combine tags? Separate them with %2c (the url encoding for a comma).

    invoke-restmethod https://www.gitingore.io/api/visualstudio%2cvisualstudiocode

    Pipe the result to the .gitignore file and you're done.

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    @wkempf: thank you (you mistyped the URL :P

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    LOL - not in the first post, but twice in the second. Sorry about that.

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