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Jeremy Likness - CosmosDB and .NET Core

Play Jeremy Likness - CosmosDB and .NET Core
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Jeremy Likness discusses Cosmos DB and what makes it a truly unique and flexible NoSQL cloud offering. Learn about the Cosmos DB support for multiple APIs including table storage and MongoDB, which are all accessible from .NET and .NET Core applications.

  • [01:44] - What type of database is Cosmos DB?
  • [03:56] - How do I choose where to store data in Azure?
  • [05:47] - What API do you use to work with Cosmos DB?
  • [06:11] - How do you start using the Cosmos DB's table storage support?
  • [08:16]  - How do you setup consistency and replication in the portal?
  • [10:00] - How should developers using relational databases approach Cosmos DB?
  • [13:45] - When should you move your data to Cosmos DB ?
  • [15:04] - How well does Cosmos DB integrate with other services?
  • [16:10] - How to get started with Cosmos DB ?
  • [17:07] - What types of applications can connect to Cosmos DB?


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The Discussion

  • User profile image

    Great video!
    Any idea if/when we can see offline sync?

  • User profile image

    +1 for offline sync, has to happen!

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