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This week we speak with Lucian Wischik, Program Manager on managed languages at Microsoft, and concurrency expert.
ValueTask proposal+prototype for async methods to return "ValueTask of T", or indeed any other tasklike type:
(That page also has a link to a download, in case you want to try it out. There's a VSIX for easy install+uninstall in Visual Studio, and also some plain binaries if you want to use it for "dotnet compile" on any .NETCore platform)
Async iterator proposal for methods that have both await and yield, and also for "foreach (await var x in async_enumerable)":
This is prototype is still under development
LiveCoding. These videos chronicle my development of the two features.
Unofficial github+markdown version of the C#6 spec. To stress, this was my own side-project, and isn't the official spec that will come out of Microsoft or ECMA.


.NET, C#, Async



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