Microservice Architecture with ASP.NET Core

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Having a solid architecture is an essential piece for ensuring the longevity of your software.

In this episode Cesar De la Torre Llorente (@cesardelatorre) comes on the show to talk about ASP.NET Core application architecture for microservices and containers.

  • [01:06] - Introducing the .NET application architecture website
  • [05:23] - Running the reference application
  • [06:33] - Understanding the target audience
  • [07:35] - Testing strategy
  • [09:11] - Exploring the technology stack
  • [13:25] - Managing the weight of the API gateway
  • [16:35] - Adopting the guidance
  • [21:33] - Communication patterns between microservices
  • [22:36] - Modeling challenges with microservices
  • [26:14] - Getting help with the reference application


To learn more about some of the topics discussed in this episode, take a look at the links below.




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