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Microservices and more in .NET Core 3.0

Play Microservices and more in .NET Core 3.0
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Enabling developers to build resilient microservices is an important goal for .NET Core 3.0

In this episode, Shayne Boyer is joined by Glenn Condron and Ryan Nowak from the ASP.NET team who discuss some of the exciting work that's happening in the microservice space for .NET Core 3.0.

  • [00:22] - What's the goal with the Microservice templates in .NET Core 3.0?
  • [03:05] - What are the new Worker templates?
  • [04:02] - What are some of the tooling improvements being worked on?
  • [06:57] - What's happening with gRPC in .NET Core 3?
  • [10:33] - What's happening with API security?
  • [11:47] - How we developers choose between gRPC and Web APIs?


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The Discussion

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    Thank you for the updates, I really enjoyed them!

    So just a bit to clarify my layman concerns, as the trend is moving from a Service Oriented Architecture to Microservices, is this the only reason gRPC is being preferred to WCF, even for SOAs'? I believe both technologies has it's usage but was curious to know if WCF with Microservices also could be usable? Or now onwards, it would be better for developers to prioritize on gRPC?

    Thanks again.

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