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Migrating from Entity Framework 6 to Core

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Entity Framework (EF) Core is a lightweight and cross-platform version of the popular Entity Framework data access technology.

In this episode, Diego Vega joins Christos to show us how we can port out Entity Framework 6 code to Entity Framework Core.

  • [01:02] - Entity Framework Core Roadmap
  • [03:04] -  Entity Framework 6.3 updates.
  • [04:44] -  Different flavors EF
  • [09:13] -  EF 6 many-to-many mapping Demo
  • [16:20] -  Moving to EF Core
  • [21:41] - Mapping many-to-many mapping in EF Core
  • [25:11] - Updating database existence code
  • [27:48] - Include data from navigation properties
  • [29:51] -  Defining composite keys in EF Core


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The Discussion

  • User profile image
    Could you post a transcript in English? This is the first time I've been unable to understand the words of a Channel 9 show.

    I believe AWS has translation capability - and this would also help with indexing the videos with search engines.
  • User profile image
    Bruce Franson

    Just turn on closed captions (CC). It works ok.

  • User profile image
    Thanks Bruce - using YouTube with CC does get me captions.

    I generally download the highest quality MP4 and watch using VLC - but for some reason, I can't get captions to work - the .vtt file loads, but ... no matter how I change the settings, no captions show up.

    But, there's so much detail in many of the Channel 9 segments I watch, it would still be rather cool to have a pdf transcript as I could highlight the important concepts in yellow or green to make it easy to reference the video at a later time.
  • User profile image
    We're currently using EF6 with migrations. Will there be any way to port that to EF Core?
  • User profile image

    I was hoping, as EF Core 3 is out soon, that this might have included EF Core 3.0 rather than 2.x.

  • User profile image
    Can not understand instruction, there is no way to use CC effectively for tech instruction. How can this happen? What a waste of resource
  • User profile image
    Pankaj Nikam

    What happens to the existing migrations we have with Entity Framework 6?

    Please guide.


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