Mitch Muenster - Being a dev with autism

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    I think some of the best videos on Channel 9 are the ones where they feature Microsoft employees. 

    Mitch Muenster, How did you get introduced to programming? 

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    @Jason818: I am actually not a Microsoft Employee (though I hope to change that in the future), I am a Microsoft & Xamarin MVP Link to Mitch Muenster's MVP Profile (opens new window). I actually got introduced to programming while I was going to school to be a Network Administrator. Back in 2008, PowerShell was not yet taught, so I learned VB (no jokes please) as it was the fastest way to make batch scripts. I had also done some side classes with Web (before css3, html5, typescript, etc.) and knew a little php.

    That combo led me to get my first job as a Jr. Programmer, where I was given the mobile projects that none wanted, Discovered that I liked the mobile space and as luck had it, my Autistic Focus picked up on it, Switched the company to using Xamarin and the rest is history.

    You can reach out to me on the contact info found on my MVP Profile.

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    Jason Palmer

    Thanks for this, I have Aspergers.

    Passed this interview to some people on the spectrum.

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    Jason Palmer

    Interesting that he mentions coding at night, the book "programmers at work" features this a lot.

    When your different you have to tinker to find your own style,

    Aspies tend to learn lots and notice things others do not, can provide good input into situations but if you read the harvard pocket mentor series you can learn how to turn the knowledge and observations into a "business case" so others "get it" instead of thinking your "that crazy guy".

    Good idea for devs to tinker with solutions, once one is found then a commercial team can turn it into a secure product that can scale, hanselmann may indeed cure diabetes.

    Tinkering .... its a constantly changing world.

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