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ASP.NET Web Forms is a mature web application framework that comes included with the full .NET Framework.

In this episode, Program Manager Jeff Fritz (@csharpfritz) joins us to talk about two new features that are available to ASP.NET Web Forms developers; configuration builders and dependency injection. These features are both available with the 4.7.2 release of the .NET Framework.

  • [02:25] - What are configuration builders?
  • [05:10] - Configuration builder demo
  • [13:11] - Dependency Injection support in Web Forms
  • [15:44] - Dependency Injection demo
  • [20:24] - Documentation and reference material

Learn more about these features through the links below.



The Discussion

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    Currently being told that the video is unavailable.

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    @Kevin: Hi Kevin, so sorry about this, the issue should now be resolved, thank you so much for bringing this to our attention!

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    Adel shaker Gergios

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    Excellent broadcast and great additions to web forms -- especially DI via Unity (I've made DI work with web forms in the past via SimpleInjector/property injection, but it was always a hack)! 

    With the release of .NET core (and no support for web forms), web forms seems like a dying technology with it's days numbered.  Outside of supporting legacy systems -- it feels like it would be dangerous to invest time into developing new solutions with it.  My .02.  What are your thoughts?


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