On.NET Special Episode: NET Conf teaser with Beth Massi

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In this episode of On.NET, we have a special guest, Beth Massi, who provides us with her insight around .NET Conf 2017 and what to expect – there will be a few surprises so please definitely tune in.

  • [00:20] Overview of .NET Conf by Beth, discussion around concurrent tracks with 40+ sessions over 3 days
  • [00:39] Day 1 keynote live stream from DEVIntersection Europe in Stockholm, Sweden, with Scott Hunter, Miguel de Icaza, and Mads Torgersen in front of a live audience
  • [00:59] Days 2 & 3 streaming concurrent tracks through MVA & Channel 9
  • [01:25] .NET Core 2.0 release, .NET Standard,
  • [01:40] Scott will discuss new features of ASP.NET Core, the .NET Core CLI, new features in Visual Studio for building Web and Container based applications, Azure diagnostics features, Azure functions
  • [02:03] Miguel will walk through Visual Studio for Mac – he has a few surprises, it will be quite entertaining
  • [02:34] Mads will show us Visual Studio productivity, like interloop, debugging, code refactoring, C# 7.1, C# 7.2, and a preview of C# 8.0
  • [02:51] We have a couple of announcements – please tune in for details!
  • [03:21] The history of .NET Conf: For the community, by the community, including a whole day of community speakers from all over on day 2: Red Hat, Google, PeachPie author, Bleacher Report author, not just Microsoft talking heads
  • [05:22] Day 3 '.NET Fundamentals' Track Overview: It's all about the basics, getting started with .NET, C#, programming. We have Bob Tabor, who is a really great trainer joining us
  • [05:47] Day 3 'Learn Web and Mobile' Track overview: It's all about getting started with web and mobile – we have a great set of content there run by our partner, Xamarin University
  • [06:13] Scott Hanselman will be emceeing the community tracks
  • [06:39] We're also running local events worldwide in various 65+ cities near you, starting on the 19th running through the end of October, so you can watch the livestream with others, (or alone in your pajamas if you prefer), some are Hands On Labs, we're providing a huge 'event in a box' kind of thing
  • [07:12] Thank you to our MVPs and our influencers in the community
  • [07:22] .NETConf website quick tour
  • [08:47] Thank you to our sponsors! Many are part of the steering group for the .NET Foundation. Shout out to Samsung who we're bringing in to do a session on TV apps with .NET
  • [09:28] How to get tickets to see the conference live in Sweden at DEVintersectionEurope
  • [10:35] Key differences in this years' conference versus in years past: the concurrent tracks being livestreamed, coupled with the keynote being delivered from half way around the world, are all new
  • [12:45] Shout out to the v-team, people from the .NET team themselves, people in marketing, people in the studios, people in the community: Richard Campbell, MVPs, Javier Lozano. Being able to pull of these workstreams could not have happened without all of their help. The professionalism of the teams has really been awesome.

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