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    Phil knows his stuff!  Used to enjoy his news/blogs about stuff he was working on for MS.

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    One of the great and bright engineers and persons )

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    This guy looks like Elon Musk

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    what Phill described as shaping data in GraphQL, e.g "I want top ten issues and all their comments, but only these field in those comments", that can done in OData for example:


    I don't need n+1 calls as he claimed. Am I missing something?

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    Liero, the "N+1" comment was comparing GitHub's GraphQL API to the current GitHub API.

    GraphQL and OData both provide means of avoiding N+1 queries.

    One difference with GraphQL and OData is the query you send with GraphQL is formed as JSON in the request body rather than the OData format in the URL and defines the shape of the data you want back which is also returned as JSON. This is conceptually easier to manage for some.

    But for these kind of querying scenarios, I believe both technologies to be pretty similar.

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