Public speaking with Scott Hanselman, Kendra Havens, Maria Naggaga Nakanwagi, Kasey Uhlenhuth, and Donovan Brown

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Today we had Scott Hanselman, Kendra Havens, Maria Naggaga Nakanwagi, Kasey Uhlenhuth, and Donovan Brown in the studio and on Skype to talk about the challenges and rewards of speaking publicly.

Speaking Hacks:

Get involved in tech:

Scott Hanselman: @shanselman,

Kendra Havens: @gotheap

Maria Naggaga Nakanwagi: @ladynaggaga

Kasey Uhlenhuth: @kuhlenhuth

Donovan Brown:

Note: Mitch Muenster (@MobileRez) was scheduled to be on today's show (and came up with the idea for the episode), but technical difficulties on our side prevented us from adding him to the show in time. We apologize for that, and will have Mitch again on a future show. You can also check out his previous appearance on the show:


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The Discussion

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    Jason Palmer

    Really interesting stuff, mank thanks.

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    Thanks a lot for this. This couldn't have come at a better time for me personally.

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    Thanks for this. I have just begun to do presentations to local meetups and there was some very useful information that I can learn from.

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    Really nice and informative Video, Thanks Everyone in the panel.

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    Very interesting and informative. Many Thanks!!!

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    As an introvert, I've usually found stage presentation alright. The flow is mainly one way (presenter to audience). That's unlike round table meetings, where constantly shifting attention amongst all the participants, without any established norm for taking turns.. is almost instantaneous (think gigantic waterfall for introverts) energy drain.

    My tip: For social events, where hanging out for selfies with others is the norm now, whereas more extroverted presenters charge up with selfies, then come to present on stage (think closing bottom line), I try spending energy first on presentation (think keynote).

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    thank god I found this I was getting panic att.

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    James Guertin windows insider trying to start a small business with three power macs one new acer aspire 15t win 10 pro 64 insider pre 170127-1750 build 15025 also played for office home by mistake got it candled but not refunded or transferred  to office business payed for year of grove and got one month showing on account and the year with Xbox error code need server and business proved os and still be insider and code learning in part-time  help me someone

    thank god I found this I was getting panic attic's  

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    I largely agree that filler words "um", "like", "so" etc. should be eliminated in favor of something less meandering, like a pause.  I want to point out though that many people, especially engineers, that I interact with - when I DO pause, they take this as a cue that it's OK for them to being speaking and interrupt my thought.  So, I believe the (bad) habit is also gently reinforced by that phenomena.  

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    Scott Fetzer

    Channel 9 is very informative and intuitive

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    @gorestreetguerty: I'm not really sure if anyone understands what you are asking. If you are referring to public speaking, take a deep breath, think about what you are going to say, and don't panic.

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    Very interesting presentation, thank you all for your input and tips.

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    Ian Lee

    Good stuff. Kasey, as a Tennessean I think you're the only one at Microsoft that speaks good English. ;)

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    Good stuff, thanks for sharing, very educational. Scott as always is great.

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    Really, really great. Thank you all for sharing your experience!

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    Luis Hurtado

    The two girls I really love from microsoft Kendra Havens and Kasey Uhlenhuth, the best of your presentations is that you always look so fresh, so natural and also so happy, you transmit an energy so your presentations are always very interesting it is not only the theme is the way you show it

    many presenters have very high knowledges but when start his presentations the people start to sleep

    I'm speak spanish and frequently is very dificult to me to understand some speakers in English but all of you speak very clerly, congrats to all of you

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    This is an amazing show. It felt very informal like a chat between friends yet has so much great information packed into it. Well worth the watch.
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    Awesome! Full of energy and fun.

    -MrNetTek at your service-

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