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Rowan Miller is a member of the Entity Framework team. He works on both Entity Framework and the new Entity Framework Core.



The Discussion

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    Excellent work, Rowan. Thanks!

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    Mehmet Temel

    ef core 7 batch insert is Datatable in dataset bulk insert same speed. Congratulations ef team. We get rid of csv insert :)

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    Great video. I might have missed it or maybe you can discuss next time how to migrate to EF Core.

    David McCarter
    Microsoft MVP

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    Nero Sule

    NHibernate has many very useful tools to do what Entity Framework does. FluentNHibernate + NHibernate.FluentMigrator and you have convention based automapping with migration generation tools. Granted, in EF there's lot less ceremony to get the same result, but a little bit of initial heavy lifting makes future a lot more easier, especially when considering domain driven design.

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    Rowan, thank you for providing us valuable information about EF Core. I'm looking for more Blogs and code examples, can you please add new themes in your ?

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