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Server-side Blazor in .NET Core 3.0

Play Server-side Blazor in .NET Core 3.0
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In this episode, Shayne Boyer sits down with Daniel Roth to get an understanding of what Blazor is and what benefits does it bring to the table for building web applications

  • [00:15] - What is Server-side Blazor (formerly know as Razor Components)?
  • [02:13] - Why would you want to use this for frontend development?
  • [05:42] - What are the differences between Blazor on the server and on the client?
  • [11:22] - What are the benefits of the blazer component model?
  • [13:22] - How would you choose between server-side and client-side blazor?
  • [16:17] - What security considerations should we have for Blazor apps?
  • [20:16] -  Would Blazor work with desktop frameworks like Electron?
  • [22:24] -  What does the roadmap look like?

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asp .net, C#, Razor, Coding



The Discussion

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    Blazor = new Silverlight 2.0 ?

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    The issue with Silverlight was that the user had to install a plugin in his/her browser in order to see and use the Silverlight contents. Blazor, however, is based on WebAssembly which is a web standard that not only allows .NET to be run in the browser, it also allows any other language to be compiled and executed in the browser. WebAssembly is not about Microsoft or .NET, it's a web standard as HTML or CSS are. So this is a new history of an old idea: use .NET in the browser.
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    Thanks guys, you answered a lot of my questions and concerns I has about Blazor, I can move forward now, I appreciate it
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    If I understood well from the interview that is that Blazor clientside loads and installs .NET dll's in the user's browser.

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    Please make electron and xamarin work with blazor please. This looks too cool to delay it.
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    The response from Microsoft to Angular, React, Vue etc. There is a brighter future
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    I attended a 2 day workshop about Blazor (mostly client-side) at NDC Oslo. It is sooo awesome to work with, even at this early stage. Looking very much forward to it.

    @PeterNL, yes when running client side Blazor, the .NET runtime (mono atm, will be .NET 5) and your own dlls are loaded into the browser memory. That shouldn't be a huge concern sinse we're only talking 2.4MB, and they are working on making this number even smaller. 2.4MB isn't that much on todays networks, even mobile.
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    Really great insightful conversation overall web development tools and topics! Thank you.
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    Please get a video for creating a blazor project by the latest vs code and .net core versions.

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