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Signing & Versioning iOS & Android Apps | DevOps for Mobile

Play Signing & Versioning iOS & Android Apps | DevOps for Mobile
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Join James Montemagno & Abel Wang in this installment of DevOps for Mobile Developers where they discuss how to properly manage signing certificates and profiles for iOS and Android. They then show how to bring them into Azure DevOps's continuous integration pipeline. Finally, they walk through how to properly version mobile apps and the unique challenges they bring. Tune in to learn more.

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The Discussion

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    Thank you both for these series of DevOps for Mobile development.

    James, you mentioned (minute 12) posting a link to learn about creating a cert on the Mac. Can this please be added?


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    Andreas Brosten

    Hi and thanks for a great series of episodes.
    Is there a way to filter out just the mobile devops episodes on c9?
    I kind of get them mixed up with XAML hot reload, IoT support etc.

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