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Supporting Windows Forms and WPF in .NET Core 3

Play Supporting Windows Forms and WPF in .NET Core 3
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There is significant effort happening to add support for running desktop applications on .NET Core 3.0.

In this episode, Jeremy interviews Mike Harsh about some of the work being done and decisions being made to enable Windows Forms and WPF applications to run well on .NET Core 3.0 and beyond.

  • [04:20] - What was the motivation behind bring desktop workloads to .NET Core?
  • [10:42] - What was the biggest challenge with add support for desktop technologies?
  • [12:42] - How did the decision to open source Windows Forms and WPF come about?
  • [14:01] - How easy was it to open source Windows Forms and WPF?
  • [17:35] - What does the roadmap look like?
  • [20:45] - What does the future of Windows Forms look like?


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The Discussion

  • User profile image
    Very cool!
  • User profile image
    And I'm not surprised but how ridiculous MS have not made this available for VB yet.

    Microsoft should be ashamed at how you are neglecting and f***ing over VB.

    WPF and Winforms Core implementation should have been lead with VB... REGARDLESS of the missing Visual Basic namespace migration to core. Or even better, pull your finger out and migrate that namespace!
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    VB is dying. Better get on C#, .NET, and Powershell bandwagon and quick. You woukd be better off even doing Python instead of VB nowadays.

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    Rod Macdonald

    Awesome video and great news about WinForms. Can we please have something similar for each of the .NET UIs AND an overall for where Core 3 and .NET 5 are a heading? I've a handful of old apps to update or completely re-write (desktop and web), and so I'm now clear about WinForms but no so for the other technologies. Personally I'd like to see MS scrub the names WPF and UWP and just go for 'XAML' to iron out the marketing confusion (aka XAML+ ?!). For web, should I re-write/migrate an old WebForms app to MVC + Razor, MVC + Angular or server side Blazor? Maybe an ironing out of the different stacks is required here also - aka MVC+ ? Really could do with some direction here. Thank you and keep the UI videos coming.

  • User profile image
    Rod Macdonald

    ...or HTML+ for web!

  • User profile image

    So the question is - will the control library be updated ?

    The currently existing controls are mostly ancient and look the same way on Win10 - some controls don't render properly anymore with themes, other common ones like ribbons are missing.

    Or is the idea that the open source community is provide updated version of existing controls in the future?

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    funny how Mike thinks forms is more productive than WPF, maybe for the hello world types that can barley code, real pro know better at least you getting the somewhat getting the message actual customer instead of your own web scouring shilltards, it's been a hella joke from every real dev I know for many years. as far a Mr Scott Hunters proclamation that 4.8 is the end of the road. give me a break, been hearing it's since that little creepo sinoffski and his pitiful goadfish demo at the original build, it's time to put hunter and the other ancient clueless clowns out to pasture, we all know how bad you need a win after so many years of face plants after face plant but trying to undermine full framework in a sad attempt to promote the latest tar baby is doomed, I could go all day long but I have to get back to my WPFing , never stopped, can you imagine where you be today Jeremy if you had stuck with WPF instead of listening to the people doing just what your doing now ? maybe you could have actually achieved something useful in the last 10 years, where is Scott Barnes these days? ROLF, final thought. are you really so utterly clueless that you think by saying 4.8 is the end of the road that it will drive .net core adoption which if you look at the nuget downloads numbers is deader than dead instead of driving them to non MS stack ?

  • User profile image

    OMFG, just took another look at the pitiful Nuget numbers for core, as usual someones playing games with numbers on the main page, for example it show around 10 million downloads for 2.0 but when you check full stats it's 1 million, I guess Mr. helloworld hanselman is either to careless/lazy to fudge it properly, the point is .net core has nearly no adoption, playing version number games hasn't fool anyone
    just look at wctech market share and number .net core has > 1% market share, lets face it no real success story's otherwise you guys wouldn't shut your mouths talking about it. all you have achieved with core is poisoning WPF/FF eco-system and maybe trick a few undiscerning nubs waste time on a dead end, you maybe able to get people to drop .Net but no way are they to switch to core especially given the deplorable behavior of the past years, just look at the numbers core is going nowhere but the giant scrap heap, and as far as WPF goes I doubt after the years of drive talent away in favor of the emotionally intelligent get along team players you can even pull off ver 1.0 of WPF core by 2021

  • User profile image
    I will continue holding my breath for the open source switch. :)

    Great presentation.

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