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The Architecture behind the nopCommerce eCommerce Platform

Play The Architecture behind the nopCommerce eCommerce Platform

The Discussion

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    Thank you so much for this video. It's well explained and lots of learning. If you have more video about architecture and best practices please share.
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    awesome presentation on how all the pieces can be put together for a LOB application, thanks for presenting it
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    I would check also GrandNode - it's a fork made from nopCommerce. It's based on .Net Core and MongoDB, but as I saw on GitHub, one of users tries to provide a support for CosmosDB for that e-commerce platform also. I will leave a GitHub link here, maybe somebody will have time to check it. -


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    Very good presentation John. Kudos to you :)

    NopCommerce really have an excellent architecture and very beautifully designed solution. They have followed OOPS concept so well that any .net developer can use nopCommerce solution to learn from it. Moreover, almost everything you want to develop is inside solution itself. If you re-use existing classes and functions, you hardly need to write a lot of code to add / extend a feature inside nopCommerce.

    Me and my team members really love working on nopCommerce :) Thank's again John for this presentation..

    Best Regard's,
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    Thank you for the great information presented.

    I'm just wondering, will nopCommerce adopt mediator & CQRS pattern. The way I see the current repository pattern being used on top of EF core, seems a little redundant, as EF Core is implemented as a repository pattern and UOW.

    Would it make sense to adopt CQRS for nopCommerce ?


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    Thanks for the great presentation.

    The learning URL mentioned at 38:30 is not valid, anyone know the correct one?


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    Dhaval Charadva
    Thanks for the excellent explanation & presentation.
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    Sorry, you lost me at 19:03. I have build analyzers that produce warnings (and therefore prevent builds) when constructors have more than 3 dependencies. I cannot believe you would not only promote a codebase riddled with components in excess of 30+ dependencies but would choose to show them off in a demo.

    What's wrong with you all?! I guess you're doing us a favor.

    My vote is for SimplCommerce:
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    Sorry to say that but nopcommerce left the ENTITY Framework
    and the owner doesn't speak well about him.

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