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The Windows Community Toolkit is a collection of helper functions, custom controls, and app services.

In this episode, Senior Program Manager Nikola Metulev (@metulev) comes on the show to give us a walk through some of the useful tools inside of the toolkit

  • [01:19] - Getting started with the Windows Community Toolkit
  • [02:10] - Exploring the controls
  • [04:25] - A look at the WebView control
  • [06:28] - New controls for UWP
  • [07:14] - The Animation APIs
  • [13:27] - Microsoft Graph controls
  • [15:18] - Services provided in the toolkit
  • [19:58] - Getting started resources


Take a look at the following links to learn more.



The Discussion

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    Can I use Windows Community Toolkit in my C++/CX UWP app?

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    @shaovoon: Not all packages will work, but there are few packages that are WinRT components and will work in C++/CX, such as the Notifications and Gaze package

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    Are there programming examples using code from vb,c++,c#? I don't care for XAML much, if I did i'd write something the can create nice layouts FOR ME INSTEAD of me creating a nice layout then having to tune it by modifying code and not being able to click and edit something.

    P.S. thanks for the great resource. Also next time can you demo more controls/features, i like to know about the inner workings as much as the next guy but I really love real world examples.

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    @ID10TError:Great feedback. Much of our documentation includes samples in both c# and vb (docs has awesome support for changing languages, it's usually in the top right corner). I also encourage you to download the sample app from the store which is a great showcase for all the features of the toolkit and includes code samples and ability to change the code in run time

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    james fowler

    no sound

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