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Understanding how to use Task and ValueTask

Play Understanding how to use Task and ValueTask
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In this episode, Stephen Toub chats with Rich about ValueTask<T> and how it might help reduce allocations and memory usage for your asynchronous .NET code.

  • [00:34] - What is ValueTask and why do we need it?
  • [05:22] - What is a good scenario for ValueTask?
  • [10:00] - What is IValueTask<T>?
  • [12:14] - Why was the non-generic ValueTask introduced?
  • [13:54] - Does ValueTask offer cancellation?
  • [14:42] - What can you do with Task vs ValueTask?
  • [16:28] - What's the uptake with ValueTask usage?
  • [18:28] - How does IAsyncEnumerable task advantage of ValueTask?
  • [21:11] - What other performance work is happening around allocations?


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