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Working with Channels in .NET

Play Working with Channels in .NET

The Discussion

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    Looks like a very nice tool for passing around in-process messages. And a very clean API.

    I do have a question. In case of a spikes (temporally back pressure), is there a way of expressing priorities for them to be read out, some kind of reordering piece of logic for the queued up items?.
    Because if you are passing around messages they tend to have some priority depending of the domain you are working in, in the sense that some delay of messages will be felt by the user, and others might not be so important for responsiveness.


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    Is this like Golang's channel?


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    Great Video.

    It would be nice to have Stephen Toub discussing Task cancellation as it seems unclear for example how to handle the CancellationTokenSourceDispose. Also why there is no unregister on the CancellationToken.

    I think we have discussions about best practices once per project as it seems the docs are not really helpful. We even noticed that Rx.Net does not dispose the the source.

    Would just be nice to have it clear once and for all ;)

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    Great, I will use this instead of Microsoft Message Queuing.

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