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Writing tests with MSTest v2

Play Writing tests with MSTest v2
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The Microsoft Test Framework (MSTest) is an extensible testing framework for .NET applications. With MSTest v2, developers now have the ability to target .NET Core.

In this episode, Sarabjot Singh sits down with Kendra to give us a demonstration of how developers can get started with MSTest v2 and make use of some of the newer features.

  • [01:08] - What is MSTest?
  • [02:58] - What is new with MSTest v2?
  • [06:30] - How to migrate from MSTest v1 to v2?
  • [09:40] - How to create a new .NET Core test project?
  • [12:24] - How to enable parallel test execution?
  • [16:20] - What are the extensibility points with MSTest v2?
  • [23:13] - How to get updates about MSTest RFCs and releases?


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