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This week we speak with Xavier and Maarten from MyGet.

http://www.twitter.com/MyGetTeam, @maartenballiauw, @xavierdecoster

http://www.myget.org – hosted package lifecycle management platform built on .NET supporting, NuGet, npm, Bower, VSIX and symbols packages
http://www.myget.org/opensource and http://www.myget.org/mvp are special plans for the community
http://amzn.to/pronuget2 - very relevant in terms of concepts around packages and dependency lifecycle management with NuGet (doesn't have NuGet v3 content)
https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=vs-publisher-1456723.MyGetCredentialProviderforVisualStudio2017 MyGet Credential Provider for VS2017 RC – easy sign-on for private feeds
https://www.myget.org/F/ondotnet/api/v3/index.json - the feed used in the demo in case you need a HelloWorldProvider package, why write your own Hello World nowadays...
http://semver.myget.org/ - handy tool to learn Semantic Version ranges in NuGet
http://blog.myget.org/post/2016/07/28/MyGet-by-the-numbers.aspx - MyGet by the numbers
http://blog.myget.org/category/Community-news.aspx - Monthly blog post on NuGet and NPM news
http://bit.ly/2glrDDD - MyGet newsletter
And if you are an Azure User Group lead or want to attend a Global Azure Bootcamp event: http://global.azurebootcamp.net/


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