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The .NET Foundation Panel from Build 2019

Play The .NET Foundation Panel from Build 2019
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The .NET Foundation is an independent organization created to foster innovation, which we believe starts with open development and collaboration. It's also a forum for community and commercial developers to broaden and strengthen the future of the .NET ecosystem.

Live from Microsoft Build 2019, we're joined by Beth Massi, Phil Haack and Clint Patterson from the .NET Foundation.

  • [00:52] - What does the .NET Foundation do?
  • [02:54] - What does it take for the foundation to adopt an open source project?
  • [03:48] - What's new with the governance model to the foundation?
  • [06:00] - The .NET community is bigger than Microsoft
  • [07:05] - Why would I want to be a member of the .NET Foundation
  • [09:02] - The .NET cultural shift
  • [12:48] - At what level does open source adoption start within a company?


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The Discussion

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    the .net FUD has been from you guys, years and years now , core is total orphan tech ghost town

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    Thanks for watching @dotnetDev. What FUD are you talking about exactly? We want to definitely address that. Also I'd hardly call 1 million .NET Core developers a ghost town. We just passed that milestone last month.

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