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Partly Cloudy is the show where you'll learn how to build a Xamarin.Forms app from scratch all the way through deploying it to the App Stores! Along the way you'll see some Azure goodness sprinkled in to make a fully enabled real-world mobile app.

In this episode we introduce the CollectionView. And the CollectionView can do a TON to make our app look a lot better. In fact, after this episode, our app is going to be very close to looking like the finished one.

The CollectionView displays data just like the Xamarin.Forms ListView, but better. It can display data arranged vertically, horizontally, and in grids. It can display a template for when there is no data - AND - it can handle multiple item selection too.

Tune in to find out how to use the power of the CollectionView!

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The Discussion

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    Matt, great episode. And yes, I want to replace my ListViews with CollectionViews now :)

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    Hi, I love the show but recent episodes are bit too short imo, in the 15-17 mins format much more was explained.

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