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Hello News (Intro, project structure, and HTTP requests)

Play Hello News (Intro, project structure, and HTTP requests)

The Discussion

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    Your GitHub link for the code is giving me a 404 error.
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    @burrows_rMVP: Thanks for the head's up ... it's fixed now!
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    Hello Matt and thank you for the new Show. A few comments and questions below

    (*) The Episode 1 link in the Xamarin Blog post is broken. It is missing "Shows" between and /Partly-Cloudy/

    (*) Minute 6:50. Why use var instead of Article when declaring article?

    (*) Minute 10:45 and 11:55. Wouldn't it be better to name GetTopNewsFromFunction -> GetTopNewsFromFunctionAsync? Same with GetTopNews()

    Looking forward to watching the upcoming episodes.

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    @Marcelo: Hey Marcelo. The link has been updated in the Xamarin blog post - thanks! Now - as for your other comments - those are stylistic approaches and preferences on my part. That's just the way I code :)
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    Thanks. Please add an alert in the Description about the special configuration needed to successfully call local HTTP from the Android Emulator. I spent some time wondering what the *Network subsystem is down* exception message could mean before listening to the last 30 seconds of the video more carefully.

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