63 - Napster Wonk Aussie

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    Credit for The G$: https://twitter.com/Golnaz89

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    Hi Guys,


    Well, I am BLOWN AWAY!!! 12 months later, and in the end under "Extreme Rush" 2 Channel 9 Guys showed up by FedEx here in Calgary, AB, Canada! WOWSA WOWSA WOW!!! HAHAHAHA :D   Well, they BOTH have a prominent position in my place, just like @CH9 has a prominent place in my tech and learning life!!!


    Thank You so much, Joey and Rick, this is so special. I enjoy all the content that you're both involved in, together and apart. I also really appreciate all that Larry and the rest of the people involved with Channel 9 do to make it all possible.


    Best Regards,



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    @OzBobWa's got my back :)

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