Ping 207: 1TB for OneDrive Pro; Reading List on WP8.1; ET rises; a Steal; and Swarm

Play Ping 207: 1TB for OneDrive Pro; Reading List on WP8.1; ET rises; a Steal; and Swarm

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    I don't usually check in, I once did it through the Facebook app on my phone but I don't really see why I should do it to be honest. 

    It is a huge discussion around this big data thing, but I think the services around us gathers way more data than we are aware of. I don't exactly think it is a healthy thing as these services would eventually know us better than how we know ourselves. I was watching Mythbusters on Discovery Channel this weekend while an ad for Windows Azure came up. For a second I thought my PC was plugged in as almost every add I see is IT/cloud-related on my PC. Nope, same ad was sent to every viewer. Had a familiar experience on the local radio one time and thought it was some big-data thing as well.

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    Let the PVCS/SVN/GIT comments commence...

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    I'll check in from time to time using the Facebook app on my 1020, usually only when I'm at places I've been talking about to friends. Just so they know I've been :)


    I don't remember ET being that bad on my Atari 2600, but my memory must be fading.


    I hope you have downloaded and are now playing the awesome Snap Attack from Wordament :)

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    The only "check-in" I do is a code "check-in" to VSO or Git.  I never got into apps like 4 square and of course I don't play Candy Crush either.  I'm the 0.01% [H]

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    @Piercove Is that a Pied Piper Logo?  I prefer the garage door version.

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    Interesting batch of topics this week.

    I check-in pretty rarely. Mostly I only do when I'm waiting for my food or in line at Chipotle and want to kill some time. As far as privacy goes I've decided not to worry about it. My facebook settings are set to public. That way I never make the mistake of thinking that I'm posting something private and only share things that I wouldn't mind the world seeing.

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    John Visio MVP

    An Ottawa connection to the Atari story.
    Before AOL supplied the world with coasters, they supplied people with free backup 3.5" floppies.

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