Ping 210: Bing is five, Kinect v2, Computex hardware, Skype translator and Forza Horizon 2!

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    1. Definitely give +1 to keep pinging card.
    Anyway even if we don't comment we definetely
    watch the Ping. For my side I normally watch a week or two late, so commenting is useles.

    Sum: Ping is cool.

    2. Also my favorite game from the previous generation.. Bubble Bobble.
    Until now (at least for me) nothing came closer to game experience.
    I played a lot of UT2004, but since then life takes precedence.

    Keep up the good work.

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    The Skype translator is just cool.

    @E3 - Can you get more info on Halo 5?



    Microsoft Surface
    I have to shell out my cash
    can I get one free?

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    Microsoft Speech Recognition, Google Translate, Bing Translate
    Why would real-time translation ever be so hard?
    Is syncing ten messages on my phone without crashing or lagging really that hard?

    Honestly though, I am not really "blown off the chair" by the real-time translation because we basically had the technology for doing this for a very long time. Someone can just write an app that takes a parsed input of text from Speech Recognition and put it forward to either Bing or Google Translate. Whether any of those have a neural-network for translating is another thing. But I am just curious, why is it so hard to make a Skype app for my phone that doesn't lag or crash when a handful of messages are synced to my phone?

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