Ping 212: Cortana in Canada, NASAs new ride, Charging trousers, Home automation ventures, and Xbox July update!

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    Star Trek?  WTH is that?  LOL

    @Charging Pants - I just envision them catching on fire near the "last" place you would want.  I'm for a charging backpack as well because nothing is more annoying than having to get things out to simply charge the laptop in the airport, conference, etc.

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    DJ DeBois

    I want to see Wireless Charging in Rick's Hat! :)

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    Loving the shirt @Rick =)

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    Are they bringing back the 'Kin' phones?  Or are those just whats left of the old ones? (~10:50)

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    As I would believe those pants would most likely fry my nuts, I'm more than happy to have a charging pad for my phone while I sleep. Otherwise it would be nice to have for my laptop if I don't get my hands fried :)

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    I'm still waiting to see an option to remove videos on Xbox Video that is no longer wanted in my collection (and not just hide), such as the free 10 minute previews. If you bought the movie after, what's the point to keep the 10 minute preview as well other than to just make it more crowded in my collection?

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    @Charging Pants I thought they were powered by farts :P

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    Nice jersey Mark ;D

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