Ping 213: Ping Pints! Massive storage on OneDrive, $650 towards your surface, safer families and some or our favorite apps!

Play Ping 213: Ping Pints! Massive storage on OneDrive, $650 towards your surface, safer families and some or our favorite apps!

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    Doorstep is cool - thanks for pointing it out! Now if we could just get FedEx/UPS/Amazon to provide QR codes on their websites and doorstep would add a QR code reader it would be perfect...typing in tracking numbers is a hassle.

    I've been using 'Authenticator' app a lot recently - turned on 2-step verification for my MS account.  However, it jacked my Xbox One login. Had to enter a code each time I turned it on.  Xbox Support said (and I cant believe they actually said this) that Xbox One doesn't work with 2-step verification.  If you guys have contacts over there - you should let them know.  I just had to remove the profile from the Xbox One and then re-add it and now everything works fine.

    Cortana is awesome, and is already getting better

    BTW - any update on the Ch. 9 app for Xbox One?

    Love the new set - was it greenscreened? :)

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    @Locations - I think traveling locations, while more costly to the Ch9 hosts, is really cool if you can afford to do it. ;)

    @Apps - Since I'm still rockin' my HTC Radar (WP 7.8 [forced update]), I don't have access to some of the newer apps made for WP8, but one of my favorite apps that I do have is YouTube HD (not the main YouTube app).  It allows me to download any of the videos from YouTube to my phone and create a playlist.  This comes in handy with the young kids to entertain them in a pinch (they watch the same videos over and over, but don't seem to care).  Plus, I can save some "how-to" videos when working on my bike, etc.

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    Waze is awesome. Being using it for years...I am "royalty" :)

    It was one of the reasons why I've stayed away from a Windows phone. Thanks Rick for showing me that it's there now. Now, when is AT&T getting an Icon variation?



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    @developkc: :S I was kind of shocked reading the answer "xbox one does not support 2 factor auth"... glad you figured it out by yourself!!!! I am using 2 factor auth as well, and it worked immediately - no clue what that issue was you were having.

    Did Cortana already ask you some question about your favorite food, hanging out with friends, news and stuff?

    And noooo, luckily NOT greenscreened :D I hope we can shoot another Ping! Pint soon! *yummy*

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