Ping 219: Unreal Tournament 2014, OneNote, Buckets of ice, Geometry Wars, Hyperlapse, and Ask IE Anything

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Hey everybody! Joey and I reminisce about the good ole days after reading some of your comments from last week.  And then we bring back the old school cool!

[07:44] Unreal Tournament 2014 Pre-Alpha Available For Download

[09:56] OneNote Enhancements

[11:35] The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with Satya and Bill

[14:15] Geometry Wars 3 announced for Xbox 360 and Xbox One

[16:38] First Person Hyperlapse : Microsoft Research

[18:44] We build Internet Explorer. I know, right? Ask Us just about Anything.


Question of the week: Who would you like to see take the ALS ice bucket challenge?


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The Discussion

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    Completely off-topic comment - with a 'cloud-first, mobile-first' world...I now get 4 reminders when I am sitting at my desk that I have a meeting in 15 minutes (Mail app, Calendar App, Outlook Desktop App, Windows Phone reminder).  Guess I have no excuse to miss a meeting.

    I challenge the wicked-witch of the west (or is it east?) to the ice bucket challenge...

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    Late to the party, but anybody remember these?

    • VESA local bus
    • The "turbo" button
    • Stacker and DoubleSpace
    • DOS protected mode interface


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    Hey! My new laptop is in. I'll show it off on the next show.

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