Ping 220: ReddX, Skype update, White House dress code, Ballmer moving on, and more

Play Ping 220: ReddX, Skype update, White House dress code, Ballmer moving on, and more

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    Thanks for the mention guys, had fun taking the pictures with Nine Guy in Orlando during our vacation. Postcards should arrive soon.

    Dress code in Florida, shorts and t-shirts mandatory :)

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    My Dress code for my business and myself is geeky or ironic t-shirt and pair of jeans. Unless I'm going to a business meeting. In which it's a geeky t-shirt with the company logo on it. :)

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    Rick! Dude!

    The COMMODORE SX-64!  You absolutely rock!  I haven't seen one of those in ages!

    Very sweet vintage :)



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    Dress code in Melbourne - Shorts, t-shirt and thongs for the win! Unless someone important is meeting you. Then its just shorts t-shirt and runners. :)

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     Dress code in Indianapolis - Shorts, t-shirt, running shoes. T-shirts with superhero icons or some funny saying is encouraged because it distracts your opponents during some of the foosball games during the day. ;)

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    @ChrisRW - they even tell you what kind of underwear to wear? :)

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    @developkc: no mate, pretty sure the rest of the world calls them flip flops or something haha Thongs means the shoes you wear to the surf/beach :)

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    @ChrisRW: Good to know. I'm off to Melbourne on holiday in a few months so I can pack the right stuff now, but need to remove all those thongs I wear now :P


    Rocking the Surface 3 there Rick, you enjoying it?


    My usual dress code is casual for work or very casual for out-of-work.

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    Dress code here is casual Friday, everyday of the week. Jeans and khakhis are what I tend to wear. T-shirts and button up shirts are okay. But no tie. We're here to write code not present it to "adult" person. Everything above the waist must cover the shoulders and go at least half way to the elbow, below the waist it must at least get to the knees when sitting down. Other than that, no restrictions.

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    Dress code: I was working as a Sys Admin for a foreign bank in Los Angeles, and the dress was shirt/ slacks and tie. I had not worn a tie to work in many many years :S . I had to go to GoodWill to buy a couple ties to wear for this job.

    My new position as a DevOps guy I get to wear a button down shirt and jeans [H] 

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