Ping 224 Band Seeking, predicting the future, Creative Sway, Windows Insiders, Forza Horizons 2 and Middle Earth

Play Ping 224 Band Seeking, predicting the future, Creative Sway, Windows Insiders, Forza Horizons 2 and Middle Earth

The Discussion

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    "Monday morning before the show is up (cough cough)" -- Love it.  (was shocked to see it this early in the week)

    Cortana - Shut the lights off after I become unresponsive after a binge coding session.

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    Thanks for mentioning me on air.

    Cortana already tracks my flights. I'd love to see her track my other travel such as hotel and car rental. In the case of car rental she could watch the price from the time I reserve to see if it's come down. (This happens often and is something I check manually right now.)

    Random things:

    • More voice feedback on general things and less having to push the speak button. I've seen some of that with things such as asking for different conversions.
    • Option to speak a reminder, or speaking as an alarm wakeup instead of a tune.
    • Store notification tied to interests, so that if for example I was a collector I could be notified when in an unfamiliar area about a store nearby that I might like to visit.
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    What is Rick always doing with the tablet?

    Too slow to be a game, too fast to be work, is he tracking the show speed Maybe? I Got a hold of a Surface recently and I agree with Rick, in one of the recent shows  "that they are infinitely flipable, although I did not...."

    Changing subjects: I got a call from a scam artist claiming to be a MS employee who has noticed that my personal computer is Sending out dangerous signals, and they will have to shut me down if I don't.... I never get past that point.  Does your legal dept have a person who pursues these scum?

    Is there a way that I can help MS put an end to this kind of krap?


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    Would be awesome if my cortana could talk to my family and friends cortana (with permission of course)

    Cortana reminds me its John Does birthday

    'Cortana, tell John Doe Happy Birthday for me'

    John Doe gets a voice notification from his Cortana 'Hey John, Developkc wishes you a happy birthday'

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    I like the Cortana concert tracking feature. I've built something for myself that I use to track events happening around me. Not yet in the app store. I'd like to see Cortana add to the music interest, Album or release tracking (not sure she does it at the moment). Example:

    Emeli Sandé (or U2 for those of that persuasion) releases a new album and Cortana tells me along with my other relevant interests.

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    Lots of Cortana stuff for the future, how about the past?  I would like to dictate the results of an event like: "Cortana note Met John Doe tonight and we had steak." Have it stored in OneNote. Then later ask:
    Cortana who did I meet last Tuesday?
    Cortana what did I eat last Tuesday?
    Cortana when did I meet John Doe?
    and have a list of possible OneNote entries that I could go to for details.

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