Ping 10: Microsoft Tags, Six Degrees of Live Messenger, Xbox bundle & more...

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    Laura & Max,

    I thought you too were evangelists.  I've always wanted to apply to a position like that, though I've mostly only seen engineering positions.  I've also been told I'm way too happy on Monday Morning.  I'm the guy at work people want to kick.  I'm also the guy who has to tell someone when I figure something cool out.  I will tell anyone who will listen!  I was told to start blogging.

    Anyway, shameless self-promotion out of the way and moving on.

    As for Microsoft's multiple different products which do similar things, it is confusing.  Heck, having three different versions of Windows is confusing enough, let alone five or six different sync frameworks.  I’m having a feature complete hangover!  I think that does come from acquiring different companies and different groups developing parallel ideas, but it may also be the result of intercompany competition. 

    Sometimes having different product offerings is good, sometimes it's confusing, it really depends.  I have never used LiveSync, FolderShare, OneNote, Groove, Sync Framework, but I have used Mesh.  So I figure if I can understand one those ideas, I can probably understand all of them.  For all I now, Mesh could use a combination of all of those technologies at one point.  I will find the one that works for me.  It all boils down to choice.  I like being able to choose the right tool to get my work done.

    That being said, it's up to Microsoft to deliver a coherent consistent tool set to its customers.  You know that book, Don’t Make Me Thing, the one about web design, same applies, I should be able to scan a list, and pick the technology I want based on how many checkboxes match my requirements.  Sometimes I feel like I'm being nickel and dimed to death by choices.  Sometimes I scream, “I just want to get my data from A to B, help me!”.

    I think for me the one thing Microsoft could do that would immensely improve their products, is to provide a consistent portal to access everything.  I mean EVERYTHING, one stop shopping for everything Microsoft.  A digital concierge of sorts.  I know that If I want a Google thing, I just need to go to Google and click the "more" link and I'll find it.  Same goes for Amazon, Best Buy, etc.  With Microsoft, you sometimes have to know what page to click on or you get frustrated and Google it.  I know when Windows 7 Beta came out; I had to Google because it wasn’t obvious on the where to get it.

    Hope that feedback helps.

    Great job on the ping episode, you got Max to say porn, and playboy, Laura, you should be proud.


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    The Six Degrees connection (or 6.6) is quite amazing. What would be even more amazing is if someone could test that out. Ask around until you contact _________. The problem is you do not know if someone is on Messenger. I challenge someone to contact Steve Ballmer through 6.6 connections.

    At first I thought this x degree thing was related to threedegrees which has been sinced discontinued Sad.">">

    I  think the Live team should bring some of that back. They used IPv6 to get around NAT issues. Transfering files to someone else is almost impossible in all the messenger programs. No really good interface, not enough detail as to how long it will take or what speed the file is transfering....

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    Qi Qi
    I have been using Windows Live Services including Windows Live Mail, Calendar, SkyDrive, Space (for blogging), and relevant its desktop applications like Live Writer, Live Gallery, and Live Sync etc. Besides, I am also using Office Live and ThumbTack. I find these make my life and study simpler.

    I believe that Cloud Computing would be next move for the computer world. A engineering student could have many computers to access, it would be desirable to have his or her documents storable, editable and accessible at a single place in the Web in binding with sync technology for syncronizing the files from that single place to a local computer. That's why I have been pursuing for the cloud computing services like Windows Live.

    I think Mircosoft's Windows Live has all the functionalities as Google does accordingly. I believe Microsoft can at least do as good as Google does, and moreover Microsoft has the huge potential capability of doing a better job. Because I appreciate the .NET framework idea and how Microsoft organizes and plants her software foundation system. In the software engineering, the prosperity can only be built on top of a solid accumulatively technology foundation. Microsoft has been doing that way properly.

    I like LiveSync, it works appropriately. I rely on OneNote too, but haven't found a OneNote file can be created or syncronized somewhere in Windows Live Web services. I have also tried the Live Mesh, which I think has a renovative idea, but still under its prototype. Having kind of duplicated applications or web services is not a bad thing, at least people can always choose a better one which compromise lessly with his or her imaginary product or service. Also it reflects Microsoft's strength.

    Now I rely on Microsoft's products, services and technology more and more in my life, research and study. I hope Microsoft's cloud computing technology such as Windows Live would not let me down.

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    I live mesh sync my entire OneNote notebooks folder to my desktop... works like a champ!  Smiley
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    I suppose communication would be the thing to do @ MS between teams.
    I understand that new ideas drive innovation in which drive new products, but there is no communication bewteen teams? Sounds like competition to me.  Smiley

    Personally, I just started using Office Live to upload a few files.  It's nice to have file access without having to shuttle it on a flashdrive or remote desktop to retrieve it from another PC.

    All that mesh stuff...I haven't gotten into yet.  If it all does the same thing, maybe intergrate their main functions to produce that killer-app for the cloud.

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    Someone please normalize the sound for the next show; all special segments are way down on dB levels. Pretty please?

    PS: great show Smiley
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    I simply think Microsoft needs to cut the products that are similar. Pick the best one and be done with it. There really is no innovative solution to this. The current solution works, wait for the cream to come to the top.

    For example. Microsoft SharedView (My favorite), Microsoft Meeting Space, Remote Assistance....

    Eliminate all and just focus on one.

    Of course the best solution would be to have the developers fight it out. Sudden death paintball match.

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