Ping 101: The Skype deal, Bill Gates & Fashion, Phishing on Facebook, Microsft Research

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We did it! Well, actually YOU did it! Thanks to everybody who commented on Ping episode 100 and because of that great effort- we give stuff away on this episode! But before that, let's talk about some important Microsoft news:

Microsoft buys Skype!

Bill Gates makes a fashion statement

Phishing on Facebook

Don't text and drive!



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    The Discussion

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      Maddus Mattus

      The lottery was fixed!!


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      Congratulation!  Smiley

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      Does the video play fine for you guys? It's stuttering for me....

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      If the driver who needs computer to tell people to shut up and drive, he doesn't deserve to drive anyway. And honestly, when driving in arguments, the computer will only adding fuel to the fire. In that case, it is better to not allow the driver to do anything and it either stops or drive by itself.

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      @Laura10: plays smooth for me.

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      Great show again!

      @Laura: I have had some trouble playing video's on C9 the last few weeks with the embedded player. Most of the time it just doesn't load or do anything when I hit play and when it does work it need to buffer a lot more then it used to. I just use the link to WMP now and let it buffer there.

      Also, I watched a small test recently on belgian television and it indicated that handfree calling was just as bad as holding your phone to you head. Like Paul said it has something to do with the fact you really need to listen and prepair a response when calling somebody. With a radio you don't need to respond. And when you talk to somebody else in the car you can set the speed of the conversation and nobody would mind if you do not answer directly because you are focussing on the road and everybody knows. With a telephone conversation it's not like that, the other person does not know you are driving and does not know how crowded the streets might be.

      Also in Belgium only hand-free calling is legal. They know it's just as bad as calling with the phone in your hand, but it so hard to check for the police (Is he calling? Is he singing allong with the radio? Is he talking to himself?) they just can't make a law out of it.

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      @Laura10: Yes same here. So I downloaded and watched the video .

      Breaking : Paul is going to Tweet and leaving behind his habit of only RT.

      Can Ping team provide atleast a Channel 9 Guy/or some other swag to all those who commented? Smiley

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      Now that you make me comment the 100th ep. I might just as well continue to write...
      Great show & congrats dentaku!  ...
      (okey I will work on that comment thing, meanwhile I will change my profile to the dark side)

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      Good show ! Congratulations Big Smile

      Can't wait to see Skype integration within messenger. That will rock.


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      The start of a new era! and congrats to dentaku!

      The Skype deal could lead to some pretty cool tech/integration (and of course I assume you guys will be first to tell us when it happens!)

      My folks have just go online and they are pretty old and it's hard to keep telling them to not click on things etc, it's a shame there are those few out there praying on the naive, things would be so much nicer if there weren't about.

      @Laura10 Kept stuttering for me when I watched it, and the section on Bill's cap drops audio for a few moments as the same point when I tried replaying it.

      EDIT: Oh and Paul is no longer going to re-tweet and post his own thoughts?! :O I'll wait and see if that happens? Tongue Out

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      Congratulations for having over 100 comments on the 100th episode of Ping Show. I really like the show and wrote my comment to voice support for the Ping Show. Most of the time, we just watched the show without leaving feedback as we were not always having things to say… Laura and Paul had indeed carried out an experiment on 100th episode and the result is interesting: People may do things differing from their usual behavior if there are some incentives of certain types. I can deduce that the number of comments will be reduced to usual level without a special reason, such as giving us 100 comments to show support so that we can continue to bring episode 101 and so on…


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      Another great show as always guys.

      Channel9 videos have stuttered in the last couple of days for me, although today 'Ping 101' played smooth as a baby's...

      Btw, Laura your hair looks great! ;o)

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      I always download C9 videos in the HQ wmv version and they never stutter, but in this episode of ping i experienced a short blanc scene without any video and audio. It only lasted a few seconds, tho.

      Otherwise another great episode, guys. 

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      Thanks everybody- it's great to see some new commenters. Welcome!

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      Whoot! I've always wanted a foam 9 Guy Smiley

      I guess I'm gonna have to use the Kinect as a MIDI controller now.
      They make great Theremins too.

      ALSO: I'll send you guys the info right away but as Dan Fernandez knows, sending stuff from Redmond to this little village is kinda strange.

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      OK, I sent you the info with the Hotmail account I use here on C9.
      I only use that account for signing up for stuff but I don't see any other way you guys would know for sure that it's really me.

      Thank you Laura and Paul

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      Congrats dentaku.  


      I think you should do 2 shows a week.  Paul, getting the additional time off should be easy, just remember to use the Stance of Dominance!

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      Even listening to talkshows distracts you, I experience that like every monday morning while I listen to the Hanselminutes, Windows Phone Podcast, WPDEVPodcast and/or Yet Another Podcast (by Jesse Liberty)... I'm capable of driving... well go with the flow let's call it, since there's traffic jams all over anyway... but I suddenly, like wake up, noticing that I'm already near work... so I'm not convinced that listening to talk shows isn't "safe".

      Thanks for noticing my comment about "Boring Boys" (not "Boring Guys" Paul !)... anyway, I always like how you tease eachother on the show... that gives the show an extra dimension.  I'll send you my address so Laura can pay me for it... yeps, I'm willing to take that bribe there Wink

      Keep up the good work !

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      Does anyone know how to figure out what e-mail address your C9 account is signed up under?

      After sending out my info/mailing address to I wondered exactly which address it is. MY C9 profile doesn't show any e-mail address but I DO sign in to C9 using my ancient Hotmail account and it works so I guess that's the one.

      In fact I've had that e-mail since way before Microsoft bought Hotmail.

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      I was wondering the same thing Dentaku. I sent my details from my work email address, didn't think at the time to send it from my hotmail account (the one I signed into CH9 with). Guess I'll have to wait and see whether they send any goodies, otherwise bugger!

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      I haven't heard back from anyone yet so I'm guessing whoever checks the Ping e-mail is busy (I'm guessing maybe Laura). I don't know what Laura's doing this week but I know Paul's out of the country.

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      Great show but it can't be said too much; do not text / talk and drive. Just don't do it.

      This ties in very well with other studies about people over estimating their own competence. Most people are not as good at things as they think they are. There are also studies that look specifically at multi-tasking ability. Almost nobody is good at multi-tasking.

      So in summation; hang up and drive.




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      Oh, and congrats Dentaku.

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      After 100 show you getting all secretive --
      you mute out the friends name at 9:58 - 10:04, did the MSSAEAG (Microsoft Super
      Secret Alliance Enterprise Action Group) bring the hammer down on you?

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