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Ping 102: PhotoDNA & Facebook, Xbox update, Give-aways for students, Windows Phone on Verizon

10 minutes, 54 seconds


Right click “Save as…”

Ping without the Mess! It's just like that new Beyonce song this week on Ping- Girls run the world. Here's what Laura and Tina "Hollywood" Wood had to say:

PhotoDNA & Facebook

Xbox dashboard update

Free Xbox for students!

Windows Phone and Verizon

Fashion update


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  • You go girls ! Smiley

  • It's good to know it was sent. I never got anything back from the ping@microsoft.com so I wasn't sure if I had gotten through.

    and yeah... Lately I click on the High Quality WMV and stream the show because the Silverlight smoothstream just buffers allot.
    Nice fake buffering effect by the way Smiley

  • Would that be conjunctivitis? Anyway, I'm still in (platonic) love with Tina, even with those horrible gigantic sunglasses.

  • Greg WGreg W

    I vote for Laura to do the next episode in her USB cord thong! :)

  • It's great to see the duo together again!

  • What's the display size of those laptops? They're either like huge 18" or 19" displays or Laura and Tina are really tiny women standing in front of 14" notebooks.


    Congratulation, dentaku. Well, I don’t own an Xbox of any generation currently. Kinect add-on is not particularly useful to me, considering that I’ve no plan to get an Xbox anytime soon. As for the glitches of streaming videos, while the idea of being able to watch streaming video instantly sounds great, I still prefer to download the whole video before watching it. Maybe I belong to old-school web users but I do like stability and predictability. As you bet, I do not watch streaming videos from some of the most popular video hosting sites, such as YouTube, directly in the web browser but rely on an application called Orbit Downloader to help me download the video or (streaming media files) into the hard drive first. I’m glad that the current version actually supports HTML5 video.


  • MarkMark

    good episode. good finish.


    Another good show and nice to see you back Tina.

    Looking very Rock-n-Roll there, did you borrow those sungalsses from Kudo? Wink

    That photoDNA stuff is excellent, your MSR folks are just fantastic, good work folks.

  • I wonder what Tina would look like with Kudo's beard? Wink

    , IRB wrote

        Looking very Rock-n-Roll there, did you borrow those sungalsses from Kudo? Wink


    , dentaku wrote

    I wonder what Tina would look like with Kudo's beard? Wink


    A female Jesus? Wink though a hot one even with the beard.

  • CKurtCKurt while( ( !​succeed=try​() ) ) { }

    Great show again! Still some buffering problems with the silverlight player but great to know you are working on it. Until then the WMP link buffers just fine!

    Speculating about the sunglasses is not that hard. It's obvious Tina was wearing the keyboard top and somebody from the C9 tried to type on it. It must have ended badly Tongue Out



  • Finally Laura has a buddy who also can't hit the camera.


  • @noxon: Right? And Tina thinks she's a jock. pfffffttt!


  • rhmrhm

    I was going to suggest that Tina might have had Lasik recently, but I think she's just trying to show solidarity with Lindsay Lohan.

  • Nice episode. I believe however that Tina should have had a cane to go with her glasses. She could have then walked around the studio, bumping into things. (This would have made the episode even more interesting.) Tina could even have hit Laura with her cane a couple times and said, "Sorry Laura, I didn't see you." It would also have been nice, if Tina bobbed her head around while she was talking, then claimed to be the lovechild of Stevie Wonder. Just a few suggestions ...

    Again, nice work Laura and Tina.

    P. Douglas

  • One word for next time your trying to hide eye problems: Eyepatch.  Think about it, pirate hat, jokes galore.  Eyepatches.

  • Great show bitches Angel

  • Tina with Ping-Eye (get it? Tongue Out ) and Foy with USB-Thong?

    way too much estrogen here..

  • hlahla

    برنامج Ares - http://www.hla-ksa.com/vb/t46133

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