Ping 105: Xbox 360 takes the lead, Kinect Shop, Kodu Cup, Droid Devs called to Windows Phone

Play Ping 105: Xbox 360 takes the lead, Kinect Shop, Kodu Cup, Droid Devs called to Windows Phone
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Laura and Paul bring you the hottest stories that Microsofties are pinging each other about. Here's a look at some of this week's juicy stories:

Xbox 360 in the lead

Kodu Cup

Calling Droid devleopers to WP7

Kinect Shop- the future?



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The Discussion

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    Laura, it's not your fault.


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    Laura doesn't like shopping? you WHAT? Hold the front page.


    That Kodu stuff is really cool, it is an excellent way to encourage the next generation of game designers. It is always good to see that this is receiving support from you guys at MS.


    The Kinect shopping thing looks intersting but in the long term it would probably mean everyone trying on the clothes at home and no more stores to go to and buy this stuff. Our high streets (as we call em in the UK) would have no shops left in them. We would turn in to a society where no-one left the house (yeah OK maybe a bit dramatic).


    Look at all those 9 guys, gimme gimme pleease Smiley IF you need my address deets, I can always fire along another email, thanks.

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    Hey, I got my fancy schmancy Kinect two days ago.
    I installed the SDK, plugged it in and it works Smiley

    The only thing I found is that you need to install the DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer to get audio in some of the demos.

    Right now most of the interesting demos use the other drivers so hopefully in a while people will be modifying their software to work with the new MS drivers.

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    Hey, i have heard several times that Xbox is subsidized by Microsoft and it looses money selling the actual consoles. It only makes money providing the other things that go with Xbox like games,accessories and stuff. Wonder that's true or not, if yes how much does Microsoft loose per console.

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    Hey Murugan15, the word is "lose".

    Love the show.

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    You guys should do a segment on "Hot concepts". There are great concepts around the web featuring Microsoft tech that don't get exposure. Whether it be about kinect, PC's, tablets and phones; you should focus on the ones that are the most viable.

    @Murugan15: Thats true for the first few years of the console. and is also true for PlayStation and the Nintendo Wii. I dont think its so anymore as the Xbox is the first to be profitable. the Playstation just recently became profitable but I dont know about the Wii

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    Laura is so dogfooding with her Windows Phone there..

    And her sweater matches Paul's Microsoft coffee cup.

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    , dentaku wrote

    The only thing I found is that you need to install the DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer to get audio in some of the demos.

    @Dentaku: Thanks, you just saved me some time figuring that out.

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    Man, now if it was only July. We "normal developers" that don't have the cool desk at Microsoft would be able to play Avatar Kinect too! Boy sometimes hearing Microsoft press is like dangling cake in front of the fat kid.

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    Don't MS give a free xbox for students and can it be so that they are counted  in the numbers?Cheating or not, it's still great!

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    @hellokeith: Just for clarity, the Laura template is for Microsoft Visio, not Visual Studio -

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    is it me or paul was sleepy ???/

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    ,AhmedAli wrote

    is it me or paul was sleepy ???/

    It was a mixture of being very tired and having an allergic reaction to the high pollen count in northern California which made my eyes very puffy.

    ... so yes... it was you.

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