Ping 11: Mundie & Obama, Swine Flu, Win7 RC1, Windows Ambassadors

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Besides the fact that Max was hopped up on meds from having his wisdom teeth pulled, this was a very exciting week in Microsoft Town. Here's a taste:

Craig Mundie talks about Obama
---click here for the FULL interview with Craig Mundie---
Swine Flu Attacks!
Tech Ed on The Edge
Easy Transfer to Win 7
Wanna learn more about Win 7? Here ya go!
You too can be an Ambassador
Max loses his Wisdom

...and a few extra surprises. Enjoy, and please comment!



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The Discussion

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    Can I be supreme chancellor of Windows?
  • User profile image
    The free trip to Redmond is all I need!!! This sounds better than Publisher's Clearinghouse!
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    Love the clip with channel 9 website projected in the back. Really gives you a sence of when it was recorded.

  • User profile image

    Right on! I hadn't even thought about it in that way- I was just using it for branding. But yeah, we just recorded Craig Mundie on Friday Smiley


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    Umm, to be blunt, it isn't called "swine flu", it's "H1N1 Influenza", both of you, as hosts, should try to be more accurate Wink

    btw... those lenses in his glasses are called "Transitions", they change from light to dark depending on the amount of sunlight they come into contact with.

    A Windows Ambassador, that would be most interesting.

    Oh, I'm guessing with the last two TechNet's, the sessions will be online after the conference is over?


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    I think everyone is fine with calling it swine flu except the pork industry and since they give oil and tobacco a run for their money in sheer evilness, I say lets keep calling it swine flu.

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    Didn't you guys say something about it being new and improved and not being fullscreen etc.? I just downloaded it from microsoft, installed it and ran it. And it was VERY fullscreen. It even suggested to close my browser and my music =( Meanie app...

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    hi there

    about the ambassdor competetion staff


    is it just only for united states people or anyone over the world

  • User profile image

    is the ambassador competition restricted for the people in the us or anyone can partiipate

  • User profile image

    Athman- I just checked an unfortunately it is restricted to residents of the US...see here:



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    Mubshir Raza Ali

    Hey Multitouch is amazing fucntionality in the Windows 7.

    Can anyone recommend me any LCD which supports this funcaitonlity.

    Many thanks.

  • User profile image

    i think only one hp device

    u can chek there website

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    Did chicken manufacturers protest bird/avian flu?  There was enough hysteria to go around about this. The media should've focused on signs and symptoms and how to differentiate it from

    <a href="">bronchitis</a>

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