Ping 110: ScriptTD, Photosynth for dollars, Microsoft Garage, Kinect Light Saber

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Re-united and it feels so good! Laura and Paul are back to bring you the hottest Microsoft stories- this week includes:

ScriptTD, (Codeplex)

Photosynthing makes you money!

Garage innovation

Kinect Light Saber Wars




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    The Discussion

    • magicalclick

      Welcome back you two =).

    • the_Crispy

      It does NOT work on robots Tongue Out

      Also, nice show!

    • Adam​Speight2008

      Who'd be wearing the moo moo?

    • dtower

      Really liking the ScriptTD news and will download as soon as I get home. 
      I've been procrastinating on making a TD game for my phone for too long.  Now I have *no* excuse.

    • martinmine

      Welcome back Laura! =D Good to watch some good news, finally! =D Only bad news since friday here in Norway D:

      By the way, floating head @10:45 OMG H4X0R : O

    • onthemove31

      WiCked Stuff ! Big Smile

    • Bydia

      I've tried a MSN Messenger plugin that transates to another language years ago... still waiting for it to be baked in.

    • IRB

      Welcome back Laura! Smiley the dynamic duo are back in town.

      Photosynth is coming to WP7, but it requires the release of the Mango update due to access to the camera.

      What is this Word by Post you are talking about? A new WP7 game?

      Good hit on the camera Laura, you are improving. I assume you were away getting throwing lessons the last two weeks Smiley

    • Moumen

      ,IRB wrote

      Photosynth is coming to WP7, but it requires the release of the Mango update due to access to the camera.

      @IRB: yeah, specifically the "Raw Camera stream" Wink

      Good to see you back Laura, I "almost" missed listening to your voice at 125% speed Tongue Out You did well with your "9 guy" shooting skills , but Paul always tries to make you look bad with his special move: "first shot hit". Tongue Out

    • IRB

      ,Moumen wrote


      @IRB: yeah, specifically the "Raw Camera stream"Wink

      Yeah, I was dumbing it down for Paul so he'd understand, I know Laura has this down though Wink

    • Greg​Wilkinson

      Laura you rock!  It's not the same without you!!

    • Harlequin

      Laura you rock!  It's not the same without you!!

      Doesn't count unless you add lots of hearts ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

      Paul mentioned me, I say if Laura does twice in a row we get a date to the //build/ party. And if Paul mentions you two shows in a row...then Paul mentioned you two shows in a row.

    • xepwn

      Niners.AreHappy = lauraFoy != null ? true : false;

      Hey btw Paul, I feel the pain you had when you didn't have a Windows Phone! I can't wait for Mango to come out. I don't have a Windows Phone yet only because I'm trying to save my money for the new hardware to be released near EOY. I am totally feeling like the developer left out of the toy box. → The emulator can only give you so much love.

      Btw, why didn't anyone mention SOMETHING about the sweet new Limited Edition Star Wars XBox?

    • Adam​Speight2008

      ,xepwn wrote

      Niners.AreHappy = lauraFoy != null ? true : false;

      Typical C ( style ) coder doesn't spot the redundant code.

      var Niners.Happy =  PingShow.Any( presenter => presenter.Name == "Laura Foy" );

    • kouhbi

      It's really good to have Laura back. How could I explain it, let's just say that "Ping without Laura is like... X-Files without Scully" : )

      Anyway, how could not everyone not be freaking about the completely random floating head around 10:41, it's just..., well now that I thinks about it, it's just the sort of things you would see in x-files! Tongue Out

      Nice ep. And once again, great to have you back!

    • Moumen

      @IRB: yeah, Laura's got the phone all figured out alright! Paul in the other hand is another story Wink


    • masukuma

      Wonderful, wholesome as always! thanks guys for keeping us entertained and informed (in that order), Great job Larry, I think this is the first time having [a] STD will be fun, I will definitely go out and get some of that!  Wink 

      One teeny tiny bone to pick with Paul...

      "Masukuma, then he...then this person wrote..."? ouch!!..its like the "he" was not a correct pronoun - or didn't just feel right!

       and...a slight correction (Which to correct you, I must)

      To Havard Mark Zuckerburg went! 

      At Stanford, the googlers were! Yeesssssss?

      and (if the movie the Social Network is anything to go by)... at Stanford (or its environs)....Sean Parker discovered Facebook after...cough! cough!

    • xepwn


      Perhaps, however I won't need the additional cpu time to do the lambda when all I want to check is for an initialized instance. Under load, a conditional to check for null will outperform a lambda that is doing a string comparison.

      Of course, in real life both of ours may not be the real solution without knowing a little bit, I was just having some fun. There are many roads to Rome. You just gotta figure out which one is worth traveling.

    • DevTez

      Excellent show.

      Not so sure about the fighting Jedi robot arm either, not exactly lightning fast reactions!

      Good to see you back Laura, definitely missed you the last couple of episodes! Like the hair BTW.

    • xepwn

      So, Mango RTM'd! Where was the party at? I haven't seen any pictures like the parade pictures I saw when The Phone launched! (If Apple has iPhone, we have The Phone.)

    • MadLibrarian

      I am really impressed with scriptTD. I've played it (beat mission 2) and now I am playing around with source code. fun!

    • PaulMest

      @MadLibrarian:No way!  What was your strategy?

    • 10percent

      Much love for the bike rack in the office on the clip you showed.

      Also I much prefer 2x speed - chipmunks Smiley

    • DAConsult

      At 10:40 the photo of the glasses shop has a floating head. That place is so haunted!!! (Look underneath the Photosynth logo, the bottom shelf is wood, the 2 above are glass, and then, TA-DA! the floating head) AAARGh! It casts no shadow!!! It's a ghost!

    • RodAtWork

      Just watched this episode.  Nice to have you back, Laura.

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