Ping 112: ESPN & Xbox LIVE, Foy works for Windows Phone, G mail man, IE Hoax

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The Discussion

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    I'm following Paul.  Laura's got big talk but does she have a cool music video?  I think not. Tongue Out

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    uhmm.....YES I DO!!!!



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    He said, "Cool" Laura.

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    ,Paul II wrote


    He said, "Cool" Laura.


    I think you got a point here, if I had to qualify Laura's video I would probably go with 'hot' instead of  'cool'...


    Also, I went ahead and counted the number of 'F' in this episode and, interestingly, it is exactly 112 just like the count of ping episodes to date!
    Never mind, it's probably just a 'foincidence' Smiley

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    Paul, 40? 40..? Geez. I am one of forty...?

    Anywho, surprised you didnt mention the Molly Wood or Scott Adams Windows Phone challenge.

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    When are you going to talk about the Coleco ADAM? Ok, so it's not a Microsoft product, but I'm sure there must have been some Microsoft software for it... Ah yes, Microsoft BASIC (Disk) - CP/M version of Microsoft BASIC from 1977. That's it. Not sure if Microsoft did that themselves or someone else ported it over. Ok, getting off topic. Come see =)

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    At 6:00 into "What A Nightmare, Charlie Brown!" the Sled Person speaks (via the wha wha wha Trombone effect).

    Paul is vindicated.

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    GREAT episode! you should definitely watch it at 125% speed! HILARIOUS!

    40 new followers?! C'mon Paul! you can do better!!

    @Laura: doesn't Paul's appearance in "Microsoft Pranked" (aka: Tech With Tina count as the video you were planning to have him do? Tongue Out (I'm amazed you didn't bring it up on the show Big Smile)

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    The "Dream Team" are back and on form.

    You need to get Brandon on the show one week, a Foy Extravaganza.

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    Paul is right (as usual with anyone with such name or country versions of it).

    There were more adults in Peanuts other than the teacher. There were mothers, fathers and ocasionally other adults. But they all spoke the same.

    -Paulo Morgado

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    Yakko Warner

    @hellokeith: I was going to bring up the spelling bee.  Watching that is how I learned "I before E except after C".  Good times.  Smiley

    But I digress; the spelling bee announcer also spoke in "mute trumpet".

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    Yakko Warner

    I'm hoping Paul wins the Twitter follower contest, if only so that maybe, just maybe, Laura will stop sniping at him for just one episode.  (Seriously, if I had to get picked at the way she does Paul, I'd probably be in a bad mood, too, like he was in 111.)

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    Foy Squared - double the flavor, double the fun...

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    Let's bring up something everyone is scared to state their opinion on. What do Microsoft, and you guys, Paul & Laura think about the notorious hacking group "Anonymous", and their new plans to take off Facebook of the face of the earth? Is it a good thing, hence the personal information leaks, or is it a bad thing, since Microsoft has stocks in Facebook? Please bring it up!
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    Tricked to dress up as King Kong and paint his face blue!!!
    So funny

    Go check the Channel 9 video out with Dan and Laura called Pranking Softies.

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