Ping 117: Xbox gives back, Win 8 boots fast, Ballmer sees bright future, More MATH please!

Play Ping 117: Xbox gives back, Win 8 boots fast, Ballmer sees bright future, More MATH please!

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    Quite a mix of stories on this ep. I dig the Xbox Live charity, but the playing from our couch? I dunno. Windows 8 sounds like a good recipe for whats ahead. *Math, I can agree on because its not the easiest subject. I hope that this program may help those that are struggling.
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    The real benefit to cursive writing is speed. If we stop teaching it to our kids, we'll be doing them a big disservice.

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    hey channel9?can you tell ie team to add one feature,when you activate password in ie9

    you get the choice to say 3 thing but not to remember the one we dont want to put our password on

    can they add a 4th option?right now we have to enter website by hand we cant even copy and paste the site we want to add in our list of nono site!ty

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    Paul come and visit me in germany

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    @Bryan:Who writes faster in cursive? Certainly not me!

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    Wow! This was an amazing episode! Congrats!
    Now here's my take on the whole cursive thing... I don't think the problem is we're wasting time teaching things like cursive... quite the opposite actually bc who says we have to learn only the things that we think are going to b useful to us? We should learn all that we can and someday those little things we learn & totally thought they weren't going to b useful end up helping us... Education should b INTEGRAL!

    Instead I think the problem is that there's not enought excitement in teaching or learning anymore... ppl are doing it just 4 the sake of it & we've lost sight of our goal whith educations which is enjoy what we learn 2 create a better future. I'm right now majoring in Math in college so I've seen the lack of excitement that exist in schools and colleges equally. Science and Math both have such potential to become everyone's favorite subject but we need 2 approach it the right way... DON'T BLAME CURSIVE bc even if they got rid of it, that would change nothing...

    On a separate note... I think LAURA was really half drunk on those apple-tinis & that's why she could talk.... haha... kidding!!! Luv u! BTW u should totally tweet more...

    And Paul... u look a little pale... was there no sun in Shangai??? That's sad... :( Happy 2 talk 2 u on Twitter, someday when the competition ends I'M GOINT 2 FOLLOW U! but u should twit more often.

    Thanks 4 listenting (reading) to my little spil... Love you both and the community and keep up the good work!

    Much Love!

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    @Bryan:I don't know about that I can time 3X4 times faster comfortably than I can write when writing so fast I have about a 50% chance of being able to read it afterwards. If speed is the thing we should be teaching shorthand. Cursive isn't very much use now a days other than signing cheques. But cheques are going the way of the dodo since credit and debit is taking over so ...

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    Kate Gladstone

    Handwriting matters ... But does cursive matter?

    Research shows: the fastest and most legible handwriters avoid cursive. They join only some letters, not all of them: making the easiest joins, skipping the rest, and using print-like shapes for those letters whose cursive and printed shapes disagree. (Citation on request— and there are actually handwriting programs that teach this way.)

    Reading cursive still matters -- this takes just 30 to 60 minutes to learn, and can be taught to a five- or six-year-old if the child knows how to read. The value of reading cursive is therefore no justification for writing it.

    Remember, too: whatever your elementary school teacher may have been told by her elementary school teacher, cursive signatures have no special legal validity over signatures written in any other way. (Don't take my word for this: talk to any attorney.)

    Yours for better letters,

    Kate Gladstone — CEO, Handwriting Repair/Handwriting That Works
    Director, the World Handwriting Contest
    Co-Designer, BETTER LETTERS handwriting trainer app for iPhone/iPad

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    Handwriting is important Laura and kids do need to learn joined up writing but maybe not as prescriptive as Cursive. Luckily you were already on your soap box for that little rant Big Smile


    Downloaded the Win8 Preview on release day and it's great just with my HP EliteBook 2730p was a 2740p, just lacking the touchscreen boo Sad Is that the 2740p you got there Paul? You tried Win8 on it yet?

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    Welcome back Paul! =D 

    I don't think cursive is necessarily any more. Most people stopped writing cursive (including myself) when we where free to choose how we wanted to write (After 7th grade). Some of the reasons was that its harder to understand, and I personally don't feel its any faster to write than normal letters.

    Installed the W8 dev preview on my school lappie the day after it got released. Its wicked fast at boot! I agree with you @IRB that it would have been wayy more awesome with touch! Looking forward to see tablets running W8 since I'm considering buying a tablet in the near future :]

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    The shortcoming of math and science education is much deeper than no time because of things like cursive. I agree, love Balmer's personality and excitement. Btw, following Laura now. Smiley

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    Ahh, the STEM debate.

    Microsoft runs a good study, in that they managed to direct the stats the way they needed them to get Washington to throw in that extra cash. The problem on the surface is can you really compare the "STEM" fields (which typically require a college to degree, or perhaps advanced degree) to "Non-STEM" (which is a hodgepod )?  The comparision is really not entirely apt.  Even inside the "STEM" fields, the comparisions differ, my friends with degrees in Aerospace engineering or CS are having easier times finding jobs than my Chemist friends (But at least you're closer to an apples/apples comparison)

    The data needs to be corrected for "College Degree" generally and "Level of degree" particularly.  This normalization would probably eliminate much of the differences (it's well known that a college degree highly corralates with employment).  But that only makes the argument for "more education" whereas MS needs "more scientists"

    As an anecdotal real world example, I was in a STEM field (biochemistry) with my STEM degree (biology) for a few years.  But I had a BS, which actually made my prospects not that great for career advancement (Lab tech/Lab manager is pretty much the glass ceiling with the BS).  This was made worse by the layoffs happening around the nation (and paricularlly locally) in the biotech industry.  A higher level degree (in this case a PhD.) would have given me more job security, but (as it turns out) that's true across several fields, so I jumped to a non-STEM PhD (bioethics) which is in growth mode and has near 0 unemployment across several programs (and more interest for me).

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    Laura - don't wear that shirt on camera again. Do all of us viewers a favor.

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    @DeMars: What would you rather she wear?  A gorilla suit? Expressionless

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    @Paul II: I don't see anything wrong with that shirt although I would be totally onboard with the gorilla suit... Like u in " Microsoft Pranks " maybe?

    Much Love!

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    Hey Great Idea Paul!

    I add that Laura could run a marathon to benefit the gorillas! is a 5.6K (which in Laura math would probably be something like a half point 6 K marathon) and takes place this year on Saturday, October 29, 2011 at 11:00am (registration from 9:00am to 10:30am).

    Cheers Laura and Paul!

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