Ping 121: Kinect award, Bing Halloween, Hadoop, Windows 8 changes

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The Discussion

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    Yakko Warner

    Did Laura suggest Paul should be "nice" for Halloween?  I thought Paul was the nice one...

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    Pin a bunch of tiles to yourself and go as a Windows Phone.

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    As for the Twitter competition, make Paul do a one-man flash mob at the Pike Place Market.

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    Laura wins twit follower competition.

    Paul works MSFT 1Q12 Server and Tools performance to a tune of $4.25 Billion, with SQL Server up 20% over last year.

    Who is the real winner? Cool

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    @Paul, why does Laura have a bigger laptop? It's time to stand up for your rights Paul! Tongue Out

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    Post ur pic of Halloween costume, both @lfoy and @paulmest

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    Two parts.

    1. Something humiliating: Park your car someplace public.  Make Paul wash it dressed as Spongebob. 
    2. Let people know: He then has to post a clip of it to facebook and explain to his friends / family that he sucks at Twitter and lost to lfoy.

    Even if part one is your sign idea follow up with part two.

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    The Win8 interface situation is easy to understand. On a touchscreen device Metro is great, with a mouse and keyboard and especially with 2 monitors Metro is clumsy. The Win7 style start menu and desktop is much better in that case.
    If they want to make on OS for ALL devices then they need to let people choose which interface works best for them.

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    You probably thought this was Paul.... NOPE! Chuck Testa!

    Haha, that would be hillarious! You should go check it out Laura, its awesome! Big Smile

    I do LOVE the new Windows 8 Metro UI, however, I'm a bit concerned regarding the productivity on desktop machines. I don't think I would use the new start-menu/Metro UI system designed for tablets on my desktop computer. If I had to use that, I think it would be less efficient for me to use compared to the traditional Windows UI. On the other hand, the Metro UI would be AWESOME on touch devices, far more efficient than the original Windows UI. Therefore, it would be nice if people could choose whether they wanted the new Metro UI or the old traditional one. It would be even easier if the Windows team gave the current UI a face-lift, make it more like the Zune UI (Which I LOVE) and make the Windows Installer choose what is best for your machine.

    As for the Twitter competition, Paul should be Lauras servant for a day, that would be fun Big Smile

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    i say paul should go as a sumo wrestler either to halloween or to twitter loserdom payback

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    You should have him run around with an IPHONE bragging about being such a huge apple fan (that could be the most embarrassing thing he's ever done)!

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    I do think that Windows 8 should have the "classic" desktop mode act the same as Windows 7 including the start menu for those who wish not to use the touch interface (which I do love).


    For Paul, I'm thinking dressing him as Wonder Woman to run around the streets of Seattle (and MS campus) perhaps with "I want to be Laura Foy" written on a cape. Smiley

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    The Windows 8 Metro UI is great for the new touch screen devices and I love both change and progression, but if your like me and your happy with your current machines, which were all purchased recently and would like to upgrade to Win 8 when released, then I do think we should be given a means to choose whether or not we want to use the Metro UI. Having to scroll the Metro desktop around to find and run programs with a mouse is driving me nuts!

    Laura, maybe dress Paul up as a transvestite and make him sing Queen's 'I want to break free' whilst cleaning some offices or the food hall at Microsoft.

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    Touch Screens: Metro all the way!
    Non-Touch Devices: Windows Button / Start menu

    Paul Humiliation:
    Being on this show is humiliating enough. His punishment should be to stay on for another hundred episodes.

    Halloween Costume:
    Go as the Facebook Timeline

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