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Ping 123: Microsoft and the White House, New MS store, Holodesk, YouTube hacked

16 minutes, 18 seconds


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Boys without Foys is back....so, take from it what you will:

Microsoft and the White House

New MS store opens to cheers and crowds

Holodesk Project bring us closer to Star Trek

Microsoft's YouTube Channel hacked


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  • martinminemartinmine I eat C# for breakfast

    Laura was too late posting! And Paul, I thought you was in Shanghai :O Oh, you must have recorded this last Monday Smiley

  • Base 4? Yo Dawg, it was hexadecimal! You see only 3s, 1s, and 0s because of what it converted from. Just because you can use other numbers and letters in hex doesn't mean that you have to. Smiley

    Paul, I thought that you'd have enough intellectual curiousity to try to figure out my message. How disappointing! Wink

  • Jason DeanJason Dean

    Urm... what happened to the YouTube hacked bit? Did it get hacked? ;-)


  • martinminemartinmine I eat C# for breakfast

    @cbae: Aha! I assume since there was only two types of codes/characters in your message, I supposed it was a binary message encoded in hexadecimal Big Smile Yo dawg, we heard yo like encoding, so we put an encoding in yo encoding 



    Good to see you back on the show Adam. Always fun to have you on as you always seem to make Paul nervous Smiley The holodesk thing is pretty wicked! Much like the cool monster Windows Phone you guys erected in New York this week. Did you guys forget to talk about the YouTube hack?
  • martinminemartinmine I eat C# for breakfast

    @IRB: They did Sad Also, I think someone stole their Surface table Smiley

  • dan_tdtower Surface Fan

    Pretending you're not familiar with holodeck technology? 

    "I think Star Trek had something called the holo-deck."

    "But that was kind of a video conferencing thing."



    ...now you're just trolling.


    @dtower:I would believe that maybe Adam wouldn't have watched Star Trek, but seriously Paul must have. He knew the score.

  • SergioSergio_The​One Be kind to one another!

    Boys without Foys was fun... Adam was great, although I missed Laura quite a bit... I think I can't live without her anymore... My internet crush...

    I Tweeted all of my friends about the KIND stuff because those things really deserve attention... AMAZING!

    Holodesk looks brilliant... closeness is no longer a requirement for pinching people... and I bet you could throw the Connect 4 2 the floor... can't comment on StarTrek bc... and don't get mad @ me... I've never watched it.


    Finally, why is it surprising that the demographic of the show is a bunch of dudes... We all watch just for Laura really... I'm only kidding... I'm only kidding... I'm only kidding...

    Much Love!

  • AuxonRichard.Hein Read it: ​http://bitc​oin.​org/bitcoin.​pdf

    It would be great if Ping could air daily.  Smiley  Missing Laura, but good to see Adam and Paul again as well.  Love the Holodesk. 


  • Where is this Nokia sound coming from? I've noticed in the US it's always said as "no-key-a" but yet, in the UK i've always known it as "knock-e-a", anyone with me on this?

  • SergioSergio_The​One Be kind to one another!

    @aseymour:I believe worldwide it's said "knock-e-a". I've watched several official videos and I think they themselves say it like that.

    Much Love!


    @aseymour:I'm from the UK and here I'm a knock-e-a

  • HoloDesk InteractiveHoloDesk Interactive

    New Zealand based ICE AV Technology launched The HoloDesk as a 74"inch DJ Mixer surface dual imagining touch surface at the now famous Earls Court concert with Deadmau5 using The HoloDesk from ICE AV in the first time sell out concert that evening on the 18 Dec 2010 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hegqRGDQ_OA

  • SucaritasSucaritas

    is it just me or "pocket touch" sound completely inappropriate...

  • @Sergio_TheOne: I've watched some videos with Finnish speakers who pronounce it "KNOW-key-yah", which seems to be the most common pronunciation in the US.

    Ballmer happens to be one of the few Merkans to pronounce it "NAH-key-yah".

  • dan_tdtower Surface Fan

    @IRB: I'm not sure age is an excuse. Even my 8 year old knows how holodecks work but that's because I'm raising him up right.  So I guess maybe we can blame Adam's parents.


    @dtower:Oh I wasn't saying it was due to Adam's age, he just doesn't look like the geek/nerd type like Paul does Smiley

  • UGxlYXNlIHN0b3AgcHJvbW90ZSBwZW9wbGUgd2l0aGUgZW5jb2RlZCB0ZXh0LiBPdGhlcndpc2UgdGhleSB3aWxsIG5ldmVyIHN0b3Agc2hvd2luZyB1cCAtIENoZWVycyE=


  • @IRB: You are correct that I never watched Star Trek  Smiley

    @Paradoxnode:  Nice!  I love that I needed PowerShell to read your post!

    PS C:\> $bytes = [System.Convert]::FromBase64String("UGxlYXNlIHN0b3AgcHJvbW90ZSBwZW9wbGUgd2l0aGUgZW5jb2RlZCB0ZXh0LiBPdGhlcndpc2UgdGhleSB3aWxsIG5ldmVyIHN0b3Agc2hvd2luZyB1cCAtIENoZWVycyE=")
    PS C:\> [System.Text.Encoding]::UTF8.GetString($bytes)
    Please stop promote people withe encoded text. Otherwise they will never stop showing up - Cheers!PS C:\>

  • I guess, Laura missed this week's deadline too!  We already missed almost 20 episodes, if you count number of weeks from the start.  It should have been episode #143 this week!  Are we going to miss another?


    SELECT MissingWeeks = DATEDIFF(WEEK, 'Feb 16, 2009', GETDATE()) - 123 --(Current Ping Episode #)

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