Ping 124: Control Alt Compete, Salute to Vets, Halo Monument, Microsoft Translator

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Laura and Paul bring you the spiciest stories from Microsoft with a lot of flare and hopefully some humor. Enjoy!

Control Alt Compete

Salute to Vets

Living monument to Halo

Microsoft translator



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The Discussion

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    Like the hair.


    They really need to get a move on with a Halo movie, you are right Laura. The last Halo Reach live action video was amazing, more of that please but with the Chief.


    So, finally the Halo Tournament? Ha ha ha ha oh man, you guys are so funny. That is almost as good as Laura promising to post on time Wink

    EDIT: Oh yeah I should add, Paul is correct with the pronunciation of Nokia Smiley

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    Yupp. Paul is right. You also forgot to mention the nine guys you where suposed to send out Sad 

    Also, I just got Halo Anniversary, and it is just a question about time before I get time to pwn IRB Wink Would be fun if Paul got Halo Anniversary and hopefully (not) own me and IRB =D

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    @martinmine:pah! Game on!!

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    Me also have crush on Laura!

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    it tried but failed.

    Looks like Paul has magic powers - how did you get Microsoft Translator to do TaoBao?

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    @LordOzBob: add 'www.' befor '' ?

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    You guys are awesome!!! Keep it coming!

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    Paul I have a $6.50 cent coupon to sports clip you could have given her....interested?



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    +1 on the hair Smiley reminds me of earlier episodes. About Nokia.. in Mexico it is also pronounced like Laura pronounce it.

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    Laura got the right pronunciation, if you follow the link, you can listen to some Finns pronouncing it  

    And to Laura's defense, I'm Norwegian and I pronounce it the same way as her, so it can't be some American accent screwing it up   Smiley

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    Her majesty the queen says Paul pronounced Nokia correctly, I just rang her to make sure ;o)

    I preferred Laura's hair long :o(

    Good to have you both on the show again :o)

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    Hi people... I'm glad that Laura now knows my feeling towards her. That is the first step... hahaha

    I'm a pacifist so any form of war is depressing to me, although I must admit that a Halo movie would be what I call POW!... I would totally watch that.

    Now... about the Microsoft Translator, I am Costa Rican so  I speak fluent Spanish and English... and a little bit of French, But sometimes commenting or reading webpages on different languages is like a switch that you have to move on your brain and sometimes it just doesn't switch! So Microsoft Translator sound very useful.

    Which takes me to why did Paul said yo  tengo los pantalones (I have pants :-O) and to top it all Laura said je suis m'apelle (I am my name????).... too many jokes! JOKE OVERLOAD!... I thought that u 2 fought all the time because Paul didn't have pants... hahaha... Sorry... couldn't help it!

    Much Love!

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    Hey L & P,

    Good show.  Laura, love your hair - but loved it longer!!  Gigity.

    Yes, PLEASE do the Halo Reach tournament.  I signed up back when you said to.  Man, good thing I did not hold my breath.  Big Smile

    Ever in Cleveland, look me up, great breweries and plenty of whatnot!


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    It is Knock-ya not No-kya ;=)

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    I am taking Paul's side definitely on this - it's Nokia - none of this weird American version, where did that even come from?

    Anyhow, good show!

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    Laura is definitely on the money with her version of Nokia. Her pronunciation is closer to how we Finns say Nokia in our own language. That is, if you consider that to be the "right way".

    I would imagine Laura's version might seem more common within Nokia as people do not tend to change their pronunciations of native nouns that much when they blend them into English.

    Vowels quite often come out a bit differently in Finnish language than they do in English, so you hear people trying to mimic them phonetically. To me, Paul's version sounded more like that even though it might be a perfectly valid English pronunciation.

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