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Ping 125: Windows Phone Fangirls, Nokia Lumia sales, Kinect on PC, Xbox 360 update

20 minutes, 9 seconds


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The dynamic duo are feeling extra dynamic this week. Take a few minutes to enjoy this week's episode as Laura and Paul go over these stories and more:

Windows Phone Fangirls

Kinect coming to Windows PC's

Xbox 360 dashboard update

Nokia Lumia 800 sales


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  • martinminemartinmine I eat C# for breakfast

    Epic! Cant wait for the Halo tournament Big Smile martinmine is my gamertag on xbl and the new dashboard update looks great Wink

    Link to Pauls music video? Does he sing about SQL servers in it? :o


    Halo Fest might actually be coming, wowza. Those dates sound good to me.


    I've got myself a Nokia Lumia 800 and it is indeed a very slick piece of kit. Did you not get to bring one home with you Laura?


    Good to see the surface back on screen Smiley


    EDIT: http://channel9.msdn.com/Blogs/Windows-Phone-7/Nokia-stores-retail-experience-Coming-Soon 20secs in, sounds more like knock-ey-a than know-key-a Smiley

  • @IRB: Don't you think the Lumia 800 would be even better if it had a front facing camera.
    Hopefully the North American version will be slightly different and have one along with a final version of Skype for WP7.5.

  • ItsBritneyBitchItsBritney​Bitch

    God I love this company. Keep up the good work guys! ;)

  • , IRB wrote

    I've got myself a Nokia Lumia 800 and it is indeed a very slick piece of kit. Did you not get to bring one home with you Laura?

    I've actually never owned a cell phone of any sort. Whatever Nokia releases in Canada might make me finally buy one. I just found some good news about the Lumia 800 playing well with UDP right out of the box so that's good. (people where having problems with UDP performance when Mango first came out). http://www.pitorque.de/MisterGoodcat/post/Windows-Phone-7-UDP-performance.aspx UDP is important for me because I'd love to see a wireless MIDI controller app come out for WP7.5.

    The Lumia 800 also has one of the nicest designs I've ever seen.


  • Paul's Facebook URL was whacked. Or I should say it was de-whacked. He's now going to get even fewer followers than he did on Twitter.


    @dentaku:it possibly could be better with a FFC but as I've never used one in all the years I've had one, I am personaly not missing it. I think in too cheap to pay for video calls as they are overpriced and if I wait and use it on WiFi then in usually near a computer where I can use a much higher res camera.

  • martinminemartinmine I eat C# for breakfast

    @IRB: @dentaku: The fun thing about UDP jokes is that you never know if anyone gets it Smiley

  • Time for some HD soon?


    Shaem you were still not in London Laura for the Nokia/Deadmau5 event.


  • HarlequinHarlequin http:/​/​twitter.​com/True​Harlequin

    , dentaku wrote

    Whatever Nokia releases in Canada might make me finally buy one

    Problem is you never know when they'll bring it out, or if you'll even be able to get one.

    THIS is what Apple gets right. When they put out a new phone they already have 10 million stitting there in stock. When Nokia puts out the nicest WP7 we've seen, it's Euro only. And North America might see it in 6 months. By that time you won' care anymore. I wanted that Dell Venue Pro when it first came out. A year later I still don't have access to one. Microsoft needs to boot the phone makers in the *, as this is going to be the killer. If you don't have the phone to give out to everyone, don't release it.

  • I think you looked particularly fetching this episode Laura. I think I'll grow to like your hair, but you still say Nokia weirdly Wink

    The Lumia really does look good, wish I could swap my iPhone for a Windows phone 7.

  • Ha!

    , martinmine wrote

    @IRB: @dentaku: The fun thing about UDP jokes is that you never know if anyone gets it Smiley

  • Ha!

    , martinmine wrote

    @IRB: @dentaku: The fun thing about UDP jokes is that you never know if anyone gets it Smiley

  • CraigHeadxepwn @CraigHead

    Beacons look cool, except none of my friends have the early preview. However; Laura and Paul if you want I've got Beacons setup for Fruit Ninja Kinect. Friend me and we can play (same as my profile nickname)!

    I am so glad that Ping! episodes are being published more regularly again. Coooooool.

    Big Smile

  • Let's just all agree it's pronounced Nokia - there seem to be continuity issues, I assume you keep switching studio's - I do love the surface studio the best though.

    There also needs to be a Ping! Music Video, I mean, there's an xbox one, the other one that Paul was in. So Ping! would be a good music video, "bringing ping back" or something cheesy, a parody of your own video. Tongue Out


    , aseymour wrote

    Let's just all agree it's pronounced Nokia (snip) 

    Don't be silly, this is the internets! No-one can ever agree Wink

  • kadoshokadosho kadosho

    Fun segments, from Nokia to tips for both genders. ^^: haha
    Nice return of the Xbox music vid, I remember it and it was stuck in my head for days.
    Kinect on PC's sounds like a fun endeavor.
    Xbox 360's dashboard update should be interesting.

    My thanksgiving weekend college homework + KOFXIII =D

  • Halo!

  • Bernardotlootno Bernardo

    Laura's accent saying Nokia is just like Brad Pitt in the Inglourious Basterds speaking italian. Big Smile


  • Laura, me see u done something different with your hair. This is good backhanded complement!

  • AlanAlan

    Paul is so right no where is a Fin recorded saying NO-kia the way Elop or Foy says it.

    Frustrating beyond belief that the new head of the company even gets it wrong although his O has become softer as of late.

    interesting post with snips of Finnish people saying No-Ki-Ah:


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