Ping 129: Windows Phone climbing the ladder, Xbox admits fault, Visual Studio Game! Bing is for Doing

Play Ping 129: Windows Phone climbing the ladder, Xbox admits fault, Visual Studio Game! Bing is for Doing

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    I can't believe I'm defending Seattle, but I've lived in Iowa and one thing about snow in the Midwest is that the Midwest if FLAT and the roads are straight. If you slide on the ice, you slide forward or off into the five-foot high ditch. My sister-in-law from the North East once visited my wife and me in Eugene and asked "what's that mountain over there?" and we told her "It's Skiner's Butte" (elevation 200ft), so I'm thinkin' it's pretty flat there too.

    Still, really appreciat y'all braving Snowmageddon to get the episode made.

    And Netflix's new Xbox interface sucks. That's not my personal opinion, it's a fact.

    Zork Rocked!

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    Bing is for Ping!


    I've got the colour space issue on my xbox. When playing videos the screen is washed out making the blacks grey and the rest too white, I have to keep changing my TV's picture settings to make it better to watch. The dash and games are fine, so it is a majot pain in the * to keep changing. At least it is being worked on although it took them long enough to admit there was a problem Expressionless


    I'm also enjoying getting my achievements for Visual Studio, nice Big Smile


    @JMinch I agree, the Netflix interface (well in the UK) is terrible where as the LOVEFiLM one is very good.

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    "bing to decide"

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    I love the show but I like know when are you guys have a xbox show . Those games are the best I ever play like cal of duty, gear of war, and madden 2011. You can show upcoming games or staff pick.  

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    Hmm..... It may be too late to comment on the 'Nokia' problem, but here is my 2 cents:

    First, ask Anders Hejlsberg how to pronounce 'Delphi', or ask David I, or any Borlander, or any American.

    Then, go to Europe and ask a Greek.

    Now, tell if Anders is wrong or not.

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    I did not actually make any conclusion out of Laura's explanation on the comment I left on Ping Show Episode 128. Anyway, I do appreciate that Laura cared to explain further. To Laura, love is about forgiveness, at least that's what I think. Hopefully you are no longer mad at your dog, if you were ever mad at it at all. 'jclee' is actually abbreviation of my actual name. Perhaps I should put it as 'J. C. Lee'; but I deliberate took out the punctuation. Honestly, I really did not expect Paul would pronounce my name in such way. Is that what people called 'different points of view'?

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    Awww.. I guess there are more people than Paul who got in a relationship online Smiley 

    I never noticed the video issues however, I do not watch much movies on it. 

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    Can i buy those cute little channel9 dolls online? Do you deliver to the netherlands ;) Nice show btw.

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    I should have said this last week, but it was episode 10000000, this weeks is 10000001! Only a few more till we need to add another bit out the front Smiley

    Anyway, the reason Blackbary still has a large market share is because of their amazing security. It's the only mobile device I know of you can't get the content of if you have physical access to.

    Because of that all high level government employees in most countries are required to use blackberry. I'm sure they'd love to use knock-ya's (Nokia's) but yeah blackberry to this day is the most secure platform, not necessarily the best user experiance.

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    Technologic​al Advances

    I have the same issue with my xbox :(

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    she's right. it looks like doy-ing. that is...doing.

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    Good show!

    Laura, nice props for C-128! 

    Don't sleep on the text games that were back in the day.  It worked well for me for a high school project in my computer class back then (used an Apple IIe).

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    What happened to that cool desk yall had back in eps.122?

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    Woo hoo Laura!  I too started on a Commedore 128.  That was what started my programmer career!

    And I am from Michigan, but I guess that is better suited for Paul.

    Still wanting to play some of the Halo ODST with you guys - perhaps before Halo 4 comes out?

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    Excellent show!
    Laura. I'll back you up.

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